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A significant number of scientific reports describe SCAD in pregnancy or in the early postpartum period.
It said: "On numerous occasions, shelter animals have been adopted, fostered or released without SCADS knowledge or consent by certain staff members and volunteers after operating business hours.
stands to make once a 56-story hotel attracts scads of conventions to our city.
Fortunately, there are scads of principled, hopelessly marginal parties and candidates for whom you can cast a purely symbolic ballot.
1) Ladyfest Midwest, Chicago A low-budget, high-energy happening with Le Tigre, Tegan and Sara, Amy Ray, and scads of others.
Why you should care: Plassein claims its AutoBlue bag can reduce the amount of paint (and the VOCs that go with the paint) needed to re-paint I cars damaged during assembly, without having to waste scads of time taping the bodies.