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(draw the sword and) throw away the scabbard

old-fashioned To approach or prepare for a conflict or military engagement with no intention of resolving it peacefully. We've seen the effects of having a leader who draws the sword and throws away the scabbard—that's the reason we've been in this war for nearly two decades. It won't benefit anyone if you throw away the scabbard as you head into this legal battle. How will we ever reach an armistice when both parties drew the sword and threw away the scabbard back when this whole thing started?
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throw away the scabbard

abandon all thought of making peace.
This expression derives from the proverb he who draws his sword against his prince must throw away the scabbard . It implies that the person in question has no choice but to fight
See also: away, scabbard, throw
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I wore the Solo scabbard and mag/light pouch for a while and was met with no surprises.
Fabric holsters, usually strong nylon, are popular "entry level" scabbards because of their low price.
But that is all they are - letter writersrattling non-existent words in empty scabbards. The Scots have a voice in England, because the English know they fought long and hard for centuries to re-assert their independence.
I am a big fan of simple belt scabbards. I've found that as long as the holster keeps my pistol high and tight against my body, I can conceal even a full-size 1911 under a light jacket or hoodie.
The Butcher-Lite includes every tool needed to field dress, skin, quarter and debone big game, all encased in a nylon roll pack with snap-in plastic knife scabbards. The pack quickly converts into a belt scabbard.
The Staffordshire find - more than 1,500 pieces, from sword and dagger hilts and pieces of scabbards and helmets to Christian crosses and the figures of animals and fish - contains more gold and silver items than the famous Sutton Hoo discovery of 1939.
Published in an oversized format (10.25x12"), the volume presents color plates of excellent quality of the swords, scabbards, maces, archer's rings, shields, daggers, harness mounts, battle axes, battle hammers, and other arms in the show.
Snyder concentrates on nineteenth and early twentieth century ivory carvings, along with brush holders and wrist rests for scholars, cricket cages, card cases, match holders, sword hilts, and sword scabbards. Enhanced with more than six hundred full color photographs showcasing magnificent examples, the informed and informative text provides an historical overview and history of the ivory trade, laced with quotations of nineteenth century European travelers and their encounters with Japanese ivory carvers and merchants.
A George VI light infantry sword by Wilkinson, with everyday and ceremonial scabbards, sold with a silver and ebony swagger stick, achieved pounds 260.
On many of the company's low-priced nylon holsters, and some of their attractively priced Italian leather scabbards, adjustable thumb tab safety straps allow one holster to fit several gun models.
The leather scabbard remained in use until 1866 when Royal approval was granted for all infantry officers to have steel scabbards.
Bayonets, scabbards, and markings on metal and woodwork round out an education on the subject, while the section on stripping and assembly are for those willing to undertake tender loving care of these heritage items.
The vessel, emblazoned with a skull and a crossed scabbards logo, will set sail on November 12 from Vigo, Spain.
The business opportunities include bulk agar (that's a gelatin made from algae and used as a culture medium), hog bristles for brushes, swords and scabbards, and cobra venom.
Two men were sentenced Thursday to life in prison for killing the elder brother of renowned jazz saxophonist Sadao Watanabe last September and stealing dozens of antique items such as scabbards for Japanese swords.