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(draw the sword and) throw away the scabbard

old-fashioned To approach or prepare for a conflict or military engagement with no intention of resolving it peacefully. We've seen the effects of having a leader who draws the sword and throws away the scabbard—that's the reason we've been in this war for nearly two decades. It won't benefit anyone if you throw away the scabbard as you head into this legal battle. How will we ever reach an armistice when both parties drew the sword and threw away the scabbard back when this whole thing started?
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throw away the scabbard

abandon all thought of making peace.
This expression derives from the proverb he who draws his sword against his prince must throw away the scabbard . It implies that the person in question has no choice but to fight
See also: away, scabbard, throw
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'The scabbard that was found did not contain any fingerprint.
A: Over the years, Galco's Concealable Belt Holster (CBH) has become my favorite outside-the-waistband scabbard. Perfectly designed, beautifully made, and superbly comfortable, it carries heavy, full-size, steel-frame 1911s as if they're part of your body.
It is believed a scabbard, or holster for a knife, was recovered.
Also recovered from Villena were a kitchen knife with scabbard and a cellphone.
Recovered from the teen's possession was a 14-inch bolo with a wooden scabbard, and one plastic bottle containing suspected rugby.
US PeaceKeeper's SHOTGUN SCABBARD accommodates a shotgun with a flashlight mount.
He crafted a high-ride scabbard with 15-degree forward tilt with two levels of retention to handle open or concealed carry assignments.
The find includes two extremely rare cavalry swords - one of them complete, still with its wooden scabbard, hilt and pommel - and two wooden toy swords.
While excavating the material from the corner of one of the living rooms, the tip of a thin and sharp iron blade was found resting in its wooden scabbard. Further work revealed the whole sword.
Prior to the Russian annexation, the museums in 2014 lent to the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam around 1,000 objects, which included jewels, a golden scabbard and gold sculptures.
The mainland population was collected from Scabbard Lake and Marsh Lake, in Northern Minnesota.
The hoard of two sword blade fragments, a scabbard fitting and a multi-edged knife, all of bronze, and six copper ingot fragments are thought to be dated to the Late Bronze Age (around 1000-800 BC or 3,000-2,800 years ago).
The Speed Scabbard has been in DeSantis' line almost from the beginning and was exactly what I was looking for--a simple belt holster with no thumb break that can be worn either vertically or with a forward (FBI) cant.
Even the scabbard of the sword was decorated with gold and precious stones.
When Santorum entered the fray for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, he drew his sword and threw away the scabbard. The stakes could not, he thought, be higher, so he was in for the long haul.