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scab over

To form or become covered by a scab, as of a wound. That scrape is scabbing over so it can heal, but it can't do that if you keep picking at it! You need to apply pressure to stop the blood from flowing so fast, or else the cut will never be able to scab over.
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scab over

[for a wound] to form a scab. The wound soon scabbed over and the injury was well on its way to healing. I hope this shaving cut scabs over before I have to leave for work.
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scab over

To become covered by a scab: The wound scabbed over and eventually healed.
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mod. cheated in a drug deal; having been sold bogus or inferior drugs. Bart got scabbed by a dealer who got arrested the next day.
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In 2009 Bangor University surveyed 574 producers at agricultural shows and found that just over a third had sheep scab in their flocks in the previous five years.
A university-based unit started four patients in May 2011 utilizing this method of scab removal, and by February 2012, with 460 cannulations (100+ in each patient), they have not had a single access infection (personal communication).
The day after they returned to work, the secretary of the scab union wrote in complaint to the Commissioner of Police that the wharfies had started to 'terrorise and interfere' with his members.
The SCAB is a 20-item scale designed to measure the five components of creativity noted above.
Hearst and Pulitzer think that they can break us by hiring more scabs.
Potato scab: When planting your potato sets put some wilted comfrey leaves in with them to prevent scab.
I have this really disgusting scab that is very big.
In the spring of 1934, union organizers arranged for Minneapolis truckers to go on a series of strikes and protest scab workers.
Oddly, the film's emotional peak--Billy's dad tries to become a scab to pay for his son's big audition--produces the show's weak point ("He Could Be a Star").
In 2004 western donors pledged almost SCAB 10 billion.
The results of these studies provide evidence that the SCAB is internally consistent, exhibits good initial construct validity through factor analysis, measures a stable trait, and is not related to social desirability.
Furthermore, the enhanced screening capabilities of the repertoire of libraries allow for the more rapid assessment of ScAb proteins of desired specificity by use of high-throughput screening methods.
MESSAGE: Prevent loss due to scab (Fusarium Head Blight).
Another issue is a particular variety's vulnerability to common diseases such as scab or fire blight.