say goodbye to (someone or something)

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say goodbye to (someone or something)

1. Literally, to say "goodbye" to someone when parting. Say goodbye to your mother before you leave!
2. To lose or end something, especially suddenly; to be forced to accept such a loss or end. You were caught drinking on school property? Well, you can say goodbye to your brand new car, mister! After the final horse lost its race, I said goodbye to all the money I'd won that day at the track. You do realize that you'll be saying goodbye to all the benefits the company has to offer if you decide to work as a freelancer?
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kiss/say goodˈbye to something


kiss something goodˈbye

(informal) give up hope of getting something that you want very much: You’ll have to say goodbye to your chances of becoming a doctor if you don’t pass the exams.After this letter from the bank, we can kiss goodbye to our trip to Australia.
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I feel often that I'm grieving loss of something, moving into a different phase of my life that often means saying goodbye to something else and that is sad.
So we decided to do one final tou r.'' He insists he won't be too sad to be saying goodbye to something that has been a big part of his life for so long.
We don't like saying goodbye to something or someone or someplace we love.
This might seem like a humorous example, but the fact is, we all experience a moment in our lives when we must say "goodbye." It may be saying goodbye to something as simple as an old pair of jeans or something much more complex and difficult like the loss of a loved one.
Saying goodbye to something, and looking forward to something new."