say goodbye to (someone or something)

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say goodbye to (someone or something)

1. Literally, to say "goodbye" to someone when parting. Say goodbye to your mother before you leave!
2. To lose or end something, especially suddenly; to be forced to accept such a loss or end. You were caught drinking on school property? Well, you can say goodbye to your brand new car, mister! After the final horse lost its race, I said goodbye to all the money I'd won that day at the track. You do realize that you'll be saying goodbye to all the benefits the company has to offer if you decide to work as a freelancer?
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kiss/say goodˈbye to something


kiss something goodˈbye

(informal) give up hope of getting something that you want very much: You’ll have to say goodbye to your chances of becoming a doctor if you don’t pass the exams.After this letter from the bank, we can kiss goodbye to our trip to Australia.
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References in classic literature ?
I ought to be grateful for this chance of seeing you once more, of saying good-bye to you.
He is now saying good-bye to the Republic Broadcasting Network and returning to GCN.
Summary: With Summer almost over, ECCO makes saying good-bye to the warm summer season much easier with its new Back to School collection.
Chaudhry Waqar Khan and Sardar Iqbal Khan said that they were saying good-bye to PML-N for ever and were joining the PPP unconditionally.
So, keeping all this in mind, Butt has now seriously started thinking about saying good-bye to the PCB, the paper said.
LDP says that with Gruevski's speech, as a country, we are slowly saying good-bye to the EuroAtlantic perspectives.
But I soon fell under his spell - especially during his touching scene saying good-bye to a hatstand.
Even as the agency is saying good-bye to one leader, it is welcoming another.
The past always glows," observes the speaker, saying good-bye to yesteryear's ideologies--and to a '90s decade whose stories, propaganda or not, remain to be told.
One regret: "I disappeared without saying good-bye to everyone I worked with.
THOUSANDS of pupils will be saying good-bye to dank school changing rooms and draughty gyms, thanks to a lottery windfall.
medical check, inventory of personal gear, packing the group gear, and saying good-bye to the parents.
Also, take a hard look at job costs and job profitability to eliminate (either via selective price increases or by saying good-bye to selected customers) those jobs that are money losers.
It was saying good-bye to Chaminade coach Jeff Young, who turned the Eagles around in six years, winning back-to-back Southern Section titles in 1998-99.
Like a lot of kids throughout the United States, Kelly Struder welcomed the onset of summer this year by saying good-bye to her family and hello to sleep-away camp.