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"Furthermore, the pope is saying not only does it matter, it's a good thing we've got this diversity of men and women."
It sometimes comes down to a COO who is tired of banging her head against the wall saying, "Let's get a VPMA who will solve our medical staff problems," Greeley adds.
So, instead of trying to converge two standards like that--where it'll still be complicated and difficult, in essence they're saying, "Why don't we just rip up the paper and get another one?"
He praises the mobile units' versatility, saying that Recycling & Processing Equipment has used tracked crushing plants at nearly every job it's done in the last three years.
But she points to the 2005 National Trends Report, saying there are some shining examples of transformation where technology is playing a key role.
Jose Boza business development manager for Houston-based plastics reclaimer Avangard Industries Inc., agrees, saying a correlation does exist between petroleum pricing and recycled resin pricing, but that t is low.
"When your water utility sends you a letter saying that you don't need to worry because your water doesn't exceed the action level for lead, that's often dangerously misleading," says Maas.
I'm just saying certification may not be the bogeyman many of them fear."
And then he was defending his reasons for going to war, saying Saddam Hussein may not have had weapons of mass destruction but he did have the capability to make them.
Boesch notes that scientists were saying as far back as 1987 that 40% of the nitrogen coming into the system needed to be removed.
Adults, who generally began using the services from AOL, Microsoft, or Yahoo to stay in touch with co-workers during the day, are saying "this stuff I'm using for work is actually useful in my personal life as well," Gartenberg says.
"I had no clue what they were saying and thought: Oh my God, I don't speak my own language." So before she settles into an overseas teaching post, she may just head home for some lessons in her native tongue.
"Like at a technical conference a year and a half ago, I asked a question in a panel discussion, and they responded by saying, 'That's a really good question,' in a really patronizing way," she notes.