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PC Sayer and PC MacKenzie thank everyone for their support and ask for privacy while they recover at home."
Elinor paid tribute to him on their Facebook page posting: "Phil Sayer, voice of reason, radio, and railways.
A spokesman for Coventry Police said: "We would appeal to Mr Sayer directly to contact us or his family urgently.
Sayers remained a family run business until 1977 when it was sold to United Biscuits who also owned McVitie's, Jacob's Cream Crackers and the Wimpy chain of fast food restaurants.
"The hike is expected to increase the use of Sayer cards from eight per cent to 50 per cent."
(NASDAQ: DXCM) has named Kevin Sayer as its president and chief executive officer, the company said on Monday.
The initiative will see Al Sayer Group become the first
The first phase of Barwa Commercial Avenue that is expected to be completed is Sayer. Covering a built-up area of 265,000sqm, Sayer provides an ideal business location through its well-planned retail-mix of automotive, trading, building materials, as well as F&B and community essentials.
Sayer then began making records of his own and, managed by Adam Faith, went on to score hits on both sides of the Atlantic.
The increasingly risible Sayer was put in at 8-15 by Hills, who were last night betting 6-4 that Mirror columnist Malone is evicted and 12-1 Benedict is slung out.
And Sayer (left), now bar manager at Preston Golf Club, is hoping that just like himself, it will be a local Cardiff boy who takes the plaudits on Sunday.
Sayer, a personal friend of Lewis, writes objectively, painting a balanced portrait of Jack (as he was known to his friends).
The items may seem a bit cryptic, but for 49-year-old Carole Sayer it's a running mental checklist of things she must do before departing Feb.
The Rev Simon Sayers sent lurid texts to the woman, who was also married, as they "strayed appallingly" into an affair when she sought pastoral support.