say (something) to (oneself)

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say (something) to (oneself)

To have a specific thought. I know what you're saying to yourself: "This can't be real." Well, I'm sorry to say that it is. I've been saying to myself that we need to invest in a better washing machine.
See also: say

say something to someone

to tell something to someone. He didn't say anything to me. Did someone say something to you?
See also: say

say something to something

to say yes or no to a proposal, request, etc. I hope you will say yes to my proposal. Nothing was said to your request at the last meeting.
See also: say
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Which means you might not say something to one particular individual.
If you say something to one person and they don't appreciate it, the message will get out to the whole team.
If you want to say something to one of the boys, I just call them Paxy, because I know I would get it wrong if I tried to guess which one it was.
The way in which you say something to one person might be completely different to the way you say a similar thing to another competitor.
I thought, you know, I could say something to one of them that might influence them in years to come.