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21 if he would not be given enough time to say his piece.
When he was here he was not afraid to say his piece.
I think it's a case of you shouldn't be found guilty just by association and it's only right that Tom should be given the opportunity to say his piece.
At level crossings, the signs say move across as quickly as possible and yet there was a reporter standing in the middle of the single-track line to say his piece to camera.
He always tries to get in there and say his piece but it falls on deaf ears,' said Williams.
Ideally, he should sit Mel down and say his piece in front of Charlotte so that she knows he's being straight.
Clancy would say his piece as the gravedigger from within the grave, walks underneath the stage and emerges as the priest.
One child will always say his piece is bigger than mine.
Duterte, who once joked that he used to be gay but was reformed, said Pacquiao was entitled to say his piece, adding that the Philippines was a free country.
As Riley was the referee at the centre of the Ashley Cole storm last season, there is no way he was going to stand having his authority questioned, and however frustrated Tim was, he should have just bit his lip and let the official say his piece.
Roy likes to say his piece on the field to everybody within earshot but that`s fine.
After the years of bluster, claim and counter-claim, the Harrods boss has had the opportunity to say his piece, do it on the record, and have it reported across the world.
Don wanted us to say his piece about it and so we have.
A spokeswoman for the Church of Scotland said: "The investigation will give Mr Stevenson the chance to say his piece.