say against

say (something) against (someone or something)

To make some verbal complaint or criticism regarding someone or something. I'm not saying anything against the quality of your work, it's just that it doesn't really follow the directions we gave you. He's so averse to conflict that he simply refuses to say anything against any of his coworkers.
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say something against someone or something

to speak out against someone or something; to make a case against someone or something. I would never say anything against you! No one would say anything against your work.
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References in classic literature ?
Not that I've a word to say against the Yankees, Miss Shirley, ma'am.
He was counter to the taste of mine ears and eyes; worse than that I should not like to say against him.
"I have already begged you so to conduct yourself in society that even malicious tongues can find nothing to say against you.
If the Westons think it worth while to be at all this trouble for a few hours of noisy entertainment, I have nothing to say against it, but that they shall not chuse pleasures for me.
"I have nothing to say against his name," said Sancho; "but with what sort of bridle or halter is he managed?"
I have nothing to say against HIM; he is a most interesting young man; and if he had the fortune he ought to have, I should think you could not do better.
Come, do you really think you have anything to say against me?
I have not a word to say against contented people so long as they keep quiet.
I am sure that I produced a rhetoric as artificial and treated of things as unreal as my master in the art, and I am rather glad that I acquainted myself so thoroughly with a mood of literature which, whatever we may say against it, seems to have expressed very perfectly a mood of civilization.
Bloomfield had not much to say against it, for his favourite beverage was gin and water; of which he took a considerable portion every day, by dint of constant sipping--and to that I chiefly attributed his dingy complexion and waspish temper.
"I wonder what Major Dobbin has to say against Rebecca?" Amelia said in a low, clear voice with a slight quiver in it, and a very determined look about the eyes.
"I have nothing to say against the rule," said Umslopogaas.
Besides, every experience is of value, and whatever one may say against marriage, it is certainly an experience.
If you mean as responsible agent when you ask me the question, I believe there is nothing to say against him, and that you will be content with the way in which he has performed his duty."
There wasn't a soul in the parish had a word to say against him; and his servants stayed with him till they were so old and pottering, he had to hire other folks to do their work."