say about

say (something) about (someone or something)

1. To make some verbal comment regarding someone or something. Sarah's mother said some mean things about her new boyfriend after they left. I wanted to say a couple things about your report before you leave.
2. To reveal, demonstrate, or indicate some trait or aspect of someone or something. A: "Tommy's got a really bad temper, don't you think?" B: "Yes, though I think it says something about his parents, to be honest." The fact that they could have such a popular product and still manage to lose money says a lot about their competence as a company.
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say something about someone or something

1. to make remarks about someone or something. What did you say about me? I think that Fran must have said something about me to you.
2. to indicate or reveal something about someone or something. They all cheered. That really says something about Tom's popularity. The fact that almost no one came to his party says something about Walter, I think.
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References in classic literature ?
SOCRATES: I mean as I might say about anything; that a round, for example, is 'a figure' and not simply 'figure,' and I should adopt this mode of speaking, because there are other figures.
Old Uncle Silas he peeled off one of his bulliest old-time blessings, with as many layers to it as an onion, and whilst the angels was hauling in the slack of it I was trying to study up what to say about what kept us so long.
But what does this newly expanding literary niche say about the changing face of black America as interracial marriages and births increase, and we make babies with growing numbers of our Latino and Asian brothers and sisters, and it becomes increasingly common to see a black child adopted by a white family?