saw down

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saw down

1. To fell something with a saw. A noun or pronoun can be used between "saw" and "down." I can't believe they sawed down the giant oak tree in the field behind our house. I used to love climbing that thing as a kid! Rebels swarmed the capitol building, sawed the flagpole down, and set the flag of the dictator alight.
2. To use a saw to shorten something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "saw" and "down." The gangster sawed down the barrel of the shotgun and concealed it in his trench coat. These lengths of pipe are too long, so we'll need to saw them down.
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see (one) down (to something or some place)

1. To escort or accompany one to a lower level or position. I could tell Mrs. Jenkins was having trouble on the stairs, so I offered to see her down. Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk to us. Larry here will see you down to the lobby.
2. To escort or accompany one to some place or thing away from a more central or northerly location. My parents made a point of seeing me down to the train station when I left for college. Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk to us. Larry here will see you down to the lobby.
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saw something down

to cut something down with a saw. We are going to have to saw that dead tree down before it falls on the house. I'll saw down the tree.
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References in classic literature ?
Hundreds of natives left in their track were sawing down palm-trees, cutting away the bush, digging and making ready everywhere for that straight, wide thoroughfare which was to lead from Bekwando village to the sea-coast.
A band of workmen, who were sawing down a toadstool, rushed away, leaving their tools behind them.
TRANSPORT Police are hunting two men who forced a train into an emergency stop near a Shirley station - after sawing down trees next to the railway line.
The video shows a hook-nosed figure accepting repeated payments of Euros from a German-accented master for carrying out various provocations that are used in leftist-controlled media to portray Israel in a bad light: from sawing down trees in order to blame "the settlers," to manufacturing faux news reports about supposed IDF cruelty and abuse of Arab human rights.
John Pugh, from Llanwrthwl, Rhayader, Powys said: "It's with great sadness that I learnt about this in the North Berwyn mountains, that contractors with chainsaws have been sawing down the larder food of songbirds and endangering their survival.
Sousa, 44, who took a buyout from Sun Microsystems in 2007, said the tree farm where people have been busily sawing down their Christmas trees since Thanksgiving is one of her favorite places in Central Massachusetts.
Some farmers cut their own posts from locust trees, but I had enough to do fencing a farm without sawing down the woods besides.
An official report revealed yesterday that taxi driver Bird spent his final hours illegally sawing down a 12-bore shotgun - used to fire 31 of the 54 rounds aimed at his victims - to make it even more deadly.
Rather than fragmenting the intact, primeval rainforest on the Elliott's west side over the next 30 to 50 years, it is imperative that an innovative examination be made of ways to generate school revenue other than sawing down our heritage forests.
HACKED...The gang of yobs spent 10 minutes sawing down the tree in the centre of Barwell.
Five hooded vandals waited until the bar steward locked up and left for the night before spending 15 minutes sawing down the 12ft metal pole at the Legion in Rumney, Cardiff.
she wants help sawing down fat limbs weighing on wires.
VANDALS have caused outrage by sawing down a town's 30ft Christmas tree.
On June 24, Michael Sprong and Bonnier Urfer, two Wisconsin anti-nuclear activists, were arrested for sawing down three wooden antennae poles supporting the US Navy's Extremely Low Frequency antenna system.