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saw something (up) (into something)

to cut something up into pieces with a saw. Jake sawed the logs up into pieces the right size for the fireplace. Would you saw up the logs into smaller pieces?
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Wolf's Portable Timber Sawing Machine was powered by a 1-1/2-hp electric motor and could be purchased with 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch cutting capacities weighing from 70 to 90 pounds--plenty light for two people to operate.
Boring, Clamping, Clamps--Frame, CNC Machining Centers, Cutting & Sawing, Door Machinery, Door Sizing, End Matching, Finger Joining, Finger Joints, Joining, Panel Saws--Horizontal, Sanders--Edge, Sanders--Profile, Sanders--Special Purpose, Sanding, Sanding/Planing/Grinding, Shaper/Sanders, Shapers--Double Spindle, Shapers--Single Spindle, Shaping, Special Products & Accessories, Tenoners, Vertical Boring/Drill Presses--Multi Spindle
Used only on large, very rigid sawing machines for high-production sawing of difficult materials.
Pallet manufacturers without log sawing capability will purchase cants from hardwood grade sawmills or sawmills sawing small lower grade logs.
Other specialized series of saw blades available include glue-joint ripping, rip-to-mould, splitting mouldings or slats, grooving, production of MDF door cores and moulding blanks and sawing acrylics.
lengths for firewood by first sawing three-quarters of the way though the log.
According to Ray Frost, head foreman of Weldtube, a 12-man steel service center in Dearborn, MI, "Sawing is obviously our most critical operation.
(Larger automatic Bewo models are available from Kaltenbach.) The CPO 250 series hand-operated circular metal sawing machines with 10" blades have two cutting speeds: 60 rpm (150 sfm) for mild steel, and 120 rpm (300 sfm) for onferrous materials and thin-walled mild steel tubing.
Over the past 10 years, curve sawing has demonstrated significant benefits for the lumber industry with respect to volume recovery and the percentage of boards with optimum lengths (Shell and Boswell 1999).
While sawing, try to maintain the same downward pressure on the push stroke as on the pull stroke.
The correctness of rough lumber sizes depends on the saw set-up, the sawing variation, and the reproducibility of the sawing process.
(I like to disable these locks by filing or sawing off the button so it's flush to the handle.)
Multiscore Mfg., a manufacturer of multiple sawing and grooving machinery, presents single-pass panel sizing systems for cutting and sizing particleboard, hardwood, gypsum, plastic, MDF and many other materials.
A sawing system is provided having a material conveyor for moving lengths of wood stock through the sawing system.