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saw something (up) (into something)

to cut something up into pieces with a saw. Jake sawed the logs up into pieces the right size for the fireplace. Would you saw up the logs into smaller pieces?
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Wolf's Portable Timber Sawing Machine was powered by a 1-1/2-hp electric motor and could be purchased with 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch cutting capacities weighing from 70 to 90 pounds--plenty light for two people to operate.
The extensive data reveal a comprehensive view of the process mean, the standard deviation with [+ or -] 2 limits, and their variation at different points of the sawing process (far right graph in Fig.
The following discussion will concern only the total standard deviation and reproducibility of a sawing process, because the accuracy of a saw depends only on the correct position of the saw-blades in a set-up.
The stresses that cause sawing variation in a saw machine depend on multiple factors, the most important of which are the volume of removed wood in a cut and sawblade wear.
On the other hand, the feed speed and log size (the cutting path length) are process variables, the effect of which on the standard deviation can be determined to cover the whole sawing range.
In most sawing operations, the work is held stationary and the saw blade is moved relative to it.
This method of sawing is often used in cut-off operations.
The types of work described here account for most of the band sawing operations used in metalworking.
Although cut-off sawing can be done on any type of vertical or horizontal bandsaw, the majority of cut-off sawing is done on powerful horizontal machines.
Other specialized series of saw blades available include glue-joint ripping, rip-to-mould, splitting mouldings or slats, grooving, production of MDF door cores and moulding blanks and sawing acrylics.
While sawing, try to maintain the same downward pressure on the push stroke as on the pull stroke.
Many times when I'm sawing firewood with my crosscut saw I'll use one of my homemade sawbucks to stabilize the logs.
The Model MR-21 panel ripsaw from Multiscore reportedly minimizes cutting labor by single-pass ripping an entire panel, including narrow strips, and does simulataneous sawing and grooving.
The Model MR-21 panel ripsaw from Multiscore reportedly minimizes cutting labor by single-pass ripping an entire panel, even into narrow strips and does simultaneous sawing and grooving.