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When we sawed wood, we always cut several boxes of wood to make cultivator pegs.
I replaced broken storm windows one by one and sawed wood braces to put over the middle of every window, dug soil by hand, learned to garden with tires (it is semi-arid high desert climate here in the Wet Mountain Valley on the side of the huge Sangre de Cristo Mountains--the longest, tallest, straightest chain of mountains in the North American Continent).
Long after the rubble is cleared away and the smell of freshly sawed wood for rebuilding houses fills the air, the shattered lives of hurricane victims will slowly be pieced back together.
Krystal sawed wood boards into two-inch blocks, coated them with acrylic and pounded in tiny nails to form the Braille letters.
We picked and chopped cotton, pulled corn, stripped cane, sawed wood, baled hay and helped our father stretch raccoon hides for money to buy food.
No definitive answer; may be a pickaroon used in a sawmill to move sawed wood.