saw down

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saw down

1. To fell something with a saw. A noun or pronoun can be used between "saw" and "down." I can't believe they sawed down the giant oak tree in the field behind our house. I used to love climbing that thing as a kid! Rebels swarmed the capitol building, sawed the flagpole down, and set the flag of the dictator alight.
2. To use a saw to shorten something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "saw" and "down." The gangster sawed down the barrel of the shotgun and concealed it in his trench coat. These lengths of pipe are too long, so we'll need to saw them down.
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see (one) down (to something or some place)

1. To escort or accompany one to a lower level or position. I could tell Mrs. Jenkins was having trouble on the stairs, so I offered to see her down. Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk to us. Larry here will see you down to the lobby.
2. To escort or accompany one to some place or thing away from a more central or northerly location. My parents made a point of seeing me down to the train station when I left for college. Thank you for taking the time to come in and talk to us. Larry here will see you down to the lobby.
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saw something down

to cut something down with a saw. We are going to have to saw that dead tree down before it falls on the house. I'll saw down the tree.
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References in classic literature ?
He sawed down a couple of feet along one side of the lead coffin, and then across, and down the other side.
Among them a pig castrator who sleeps with all the women in town; his longtime friend Nasi, "whose legs were broken because he sawed down a tree while sitting on a branch on the wrong side;" gypsies making love potions; people claiming they can eat eight meters of sausage, three chickens, and a candle; women with glasses who look like Harold Lloyd, teachers who beat students on a daily basis, but suddenly become friendly around the holidays when parents bring them gifts; church painters who leave for Brazil leaving their frescoes half-done; one-eyed beggars masturbating in the church ...
"During the night after the match, a small squad of souvenir hunters returned to Twickenham, clambered over the high railings and sawed down the cross-bar at the north end, over which Davies's penalty kick had sailed.
Unable to guide the thing, I slid off to the far right of our course, where one father had sawed down six pine trees to stumps.
He had been trying to separate the four metal girders with a crane system so they could be sawed down to specification.
Earlier, vandals sawed down crosses in three Russian regions.
The head was sawed down the centerline, lengthwise and we could then trace the bullet paths.
"I don't know what was going on in his mind when he climbed the fence and sawed down my flagpole."
Tearoom owner Phyllis Blakesley, 72, abused George and Diane Beckwith, sent them "distressing" letters, squirted them with a hose, attacked their cattle with a broom, sabotaged farm machinery and sawed down part of a fence.
Vandals sawed down a huge Christmas tree left on public display in the market square of a town on the Scottish Borders.
Full of anecdotes and interesting facts, the reader can discover: n Who sawed down the posts at his own ground?
And part of the job of those wilderness areas and forests is to have the trees in them thinned out (except maybe a few big stands, which do look pretty nice) to the extent of being removed or sawed down so they can usefully be sold for lumber or chopsticks in Japan.
woodlands were sawed down to make way for agriculture and homes.
I sawed down a plastic lawn chair to make a seat, which is inside a plastic laundry basket for lateral support.