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slang A 10-dollar bill. A sawbuck is another name for a sawhorse (a support on which timber is placed when it is being cut) that has two crossed legs at each end, creating an X, which were featured on old 10-dollar bills as the Roman numeral for 10. Primarily heard in US. I've never laid more than a sawbuck on any bet in my life, and while I've never had any huge winnings, I've never lost more than I'm comfortable parting with, either. This place is great. You can get a full meal, a soft drink, and a dessert for less than a sawbuck!

double sawbuck

A nickname for the US $20 bill. I don't get paid till next week—any chance you can loan me a double saw?
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double saw(buck)

and double and dub
n. a twenty-dollar bill. (see also sawbuck.) This whole thing only cost a double sawbuck. Can you loan me a dub?
See also: double, sawbuck


n. a ten-dollar bill. (From the time when the 10 was indicated by the Roman numeral X (10), which looks like the crosspiece that supports wood that is being sawed.) It cost me a sawbuck to have my car pulled out of the mud.
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San Francisco Buyers Save $49,680 with Sawbuck Sawbuck connects buyers and sellers with top local real estate agents, streamlines their transactions, and saves them thousands of dollars up front and hundreds more every year.
The online broker offers a Sawbuck Savings Guarantee, which promises $1,000 if a customer finds a better mortgage and closing-cost deal.
The sawbuck is held in the open position when the 2-by-4 legs butt up against the top edges of the plywood cross pieces.
A room from which one can view the smartly engineered livestock barn and the homegrown sawbuck log fence beyond it, ending at the edge of an undulating expanse of aspen and conifer trees extending all the way to the base of the Continental Divide.
At Ashcroft (British Columbia), Whelen bought "a saddle horse for $25, two pack horses for $15 each, a stock saddle for $25, two sawbuck saddles for $5, and $25 worth of grub.
led a $2 million round of financing in the online real estate broker Sawbuck Realty, which Wednesday began rolling out in markets where the Dallas-based company publishes dailies.
Results indicated a typical knuckleboom loader with a sawbuck can be employed efficiently in the region with a typical balanced manual harvesting system or a mechanized harvesting system.
1,000 or 1,500 pounds per pair - and has a line of accessories that includes a six-outlet plug and slip-on sawbuck for holding logs.
Similarly, the Model 154BK SawBuck is two saws in one: a course saw for slicing soft, dry wood fast, and a fine saw for harder woods.
Still, someone hasn't done their homework if these experts can't come up with a single California wine of spirit and fitnesse for little more than a sawbuck.
When we cut wood for heating, Steve saws one- to four-inch diameter branches and dead saplings into trailer length pieces to be hauled back to the sawbuck.
Bucking with a sawbuck is a typical practice in West Virginia, which accounted for 82 and 86 percent of the bucking operations for small and medium companies, respectively (Table 4).
I am one of the 100,000 or so people who have made a sawbuck after seeing Lanny Hall's plans in the November 1999 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS ("The Crosscut Saw: A Classic Design That Endured").
The main job of our sawbuck is to cut cookstove wood, which, for our stove, needs to be 14" long.