saw through

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see (one) through

To provide one with the necessary resources or support to complete something or reach the end of a period of time. The crops we've grown so far should see us through the winter. I'm trying to save enough money to see me through college.
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see (something) through

To continue working on or engaging in something until it is completed or concluded. I'll see the project through since we've come this far already, but I won't be working with the company again after that. Even though I'm failing, I'm determined to see the class through to the end.
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see through (someone or something)

To not be fooled by someone's or something's outward appearance and understand their or its true nature. He always acts so generous and magnanimous, but I can see right through him—he only cares about himself, really. I think most people see through the company's flimsy PR spin and understand that this deal is a huge rip-off.
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saw through something

to cut through something with a saw. I can't saw through this wood. It's too hard! I can saw through it!
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