see (one) right

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see (one) right

1. To assist one. I can't thank you enough for seeing me right throughout this process.
2. To pay one. Make sure you see him right before he leaves. I like to settle all my accounts.
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see someone right

make sure that a person is appropriately rewarded or looked after. British informal
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see somebody (all) ˈright

(American English also do somebody ˈright) (informal) make sure that somebody is treated correctly, paid properly for something they have done, etc: If I die, then the company will see my wife right.
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I went to Iceland to learn about glaciers and I abseiled down a huge crevasse - it was 20ft deep - and saw right into the ice, which was amazing but quite scary.
As we saw right through the day, we just needed a wicket to break through the partnership and batsman always found it hard to start.
Locked together at 7-7 with the Blues North, a wonderful chip from outside-half Owen Williams saw right wing Bawdy Davies race clear and touch down for a converted try that finally put an end to the Blues North resistance and secured a 14-7 success.
But Treorchy's new-found confidence introduced by Jones's arrival saw right wing Richard Wintle sprint away for a try, converted by Evans.
I saw right away that the cables, which are normally in the centre, weren't there any more.