see (one) right

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see (one) right

1. To assist one. I can't thank you enough for seeing me right throughout this process.
2. To pay one. Make sure you see him right before he leaves. I like to settle all my accounts.
See also: right, see

see someone right

make sure that a person is appropriately rewarded or looked after. British informal
See also: right, see, someone

see somebody (all) ˈright

(American English also do somebody ˈright) (informal) make sure that somebody is treated correctly, paid properly for something they have done, etc: If I die, then the company will see my wife right.
See also: right, see, somebody
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Beavers are actually one of my favourite animals, but if I saw one right now I think I'd seriously consider wringing its neck.
I actually saw one right after they were introduced but had neither cash nor credit card on me.
Outfitter John Berry saw one right away, out across the valley and then we spotted two more slipping through the brush to our left.