see fit (to do something)

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see fit (to do something)

To consider (doing something) appropriate or desirable. Hopefully the boss sees fit to give us some extra time off for the holidays. Overall, I love having the flexibility to work the hours that I see fit.
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see fit (to do something)

to decide to do something. If I see fit to return, I'll bring Bill with me. She'll do it if she sees fit.
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see fit

Deem appropriate, as in He's entitled to divide up his property as he sees fit, or If we see fit to attend, we'll be there. This expression uses see in the sense of "view as," a usage dating from about 1325.
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see/think ˈfit (to do something)

(formal, often disapproving) think it is right or acceptable to do something: You obviously didn’t see fit to inform us of what you were going to do.You should warn her about his behaviour if you see fit.
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When the case was presented to court, with evidence, the CPS saw fit to proceed no further.
We backed the Iraqis' right to deal with members of Saddam's evil regime as they saw fit.
That's because Betfair saw fit to suspend their market while the expulsion news sank in.
Yet the FBI saw fit to extend special protection to a celebrity homosexual activist by way of sending a message about the supposed danger to society posed by "religious extremists."
Thankfully, musical nomad Ry Cooder saw fit to chronicle the Cuban musical tradition in various Buena Vista Social Club recordings.
Instead of baptizing the babies in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, while pouring water over the baby's head three times, she allowed the parents to pour the water as they saw fit.
Unfortunately; New York, in its infinite wisdom, saw fit to allow the majority of this land to be used as an industrial park for Harlem River Yard Ventures, a private developer.
Under Safe Streets, local police departments would submit funding proposals to "state planning boards," which would modify them as they saw fit and pass them along to the Washington-based LEAA for approval.
Surely the council should be properly maintaining them, seeing as they saw fit to pay such a large amount of our money for them in the first place?
Wolves were fined PS25,000 when McCarthy made 10 changes to his team for a game against Manchester United in 2009 and lost 3-0 - something which the Premier League board saw fit to punish.
I'D LIKE to thank the gentleman (we haven't got his name) who helped my uncle out of a canal by Bromford Lane, Erdington, and called for assistance after mindless idiots saw fit to push him in as a joke as he was cycling along the tow path.
2 That one bookmaker saw fit to cut the Three Lions to as short as 9-2.
On the day the Brazilian electrician was shot dead Sir Ian wrote to Home Office Permanent Secretary Sir John Gieve saying he should be able to suspend as he saw fit a legal requirement to give material to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
As for David Milner, the 46-year-old who saw fit to take off with a child, the law must take its course.