savoir faire

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The ability to act appropriately or handle or respond to any social situation; tact. The phrase is French for "to know how to do." You could learn a lot about how to deal with people by studying the savoir-faire with which she moves around any room.

savoir ˈfaire

(from French, approving) the ability to behave in the appropriate way in certain situations: He was renowned throughout the diplomatic world for his savoir faire.
The meaning of the French phrase is ‘know how to do’.
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We are delighted that we were able to assist Savoir Faire and to see that the investment is already reaping rewards after the firm landed the Stoke Park contract.
Savoir Faire PFW's mission is to "empower the local West Australian fashion community by creating ever growing business opportunities through events that connect people, encourage individuality and nurture creativity.
Women, Work and The Art of Savoir Faire even includes a section near the end listing favorite recipes the author used when entertaining business associates at home.
I am delighted and proud that the savoir faire of the Arnys workshops will live on through Berluti.
Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week will set up a program for indigenous artists, textile artists and designers that will provide the tools and the platform for indigenous creatives to gain recognition in an international arena.
Le ministre de la formation professionnelle et de l'emploi, Zied Laadhari a souligne , mercredi, l'importance d'investir dans les trois savoir: Savoir , Savoir faire et le Savoir etre et de revoir le systeme de gouvernance et de pilotage pour assurer une education et une formation professionnelle de qualite.
Son experience des hommes et des rouages de l'administration ont forge chez lui un savoir faire exceptionnel.
Betty Tran is the creative behind the self titled designs of Perth's most promising label - set to showcase on the Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week runway on Saturday 21st April at midday.
And despite its gleaming skyscrapers and cosmopolitan savoir faire, Buenos Aires remains a city captivated by the ghosts of Juan and Eva Peron.
The white paper reveals industry savoir faire that all companies involved in localization should have," said Nabil Freij, President of GlobalVision International.
New York, United States, Mar 29, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - (Global Fashion Wire) - With Grace is thrilled to announce its Riviera Dreaming collection launch at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week on Friday 20 April, 2012.
This partnership brings together complementary strengths and savoir faire in a market that presents great opportunities for creating value.
New York, United States, Mar 24, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - (Global Fashion Wire) - Savoir Faire Cosmetics- the most exciting and inspired cosmetics range to come out of Australia partners up with Perth Fashion Week- Western Australia's most powerful fashion brand, ensuring the success of WA's first trade event to be held in April 2012.
Enter stage right, Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman, the founders of Helix Code, who chatted up the VC guys with more than their fair share of savoir faire.
So it's no surprise that Furne One (pronounced Furne Ono) is the most talked about and anticipated Designer to be showcasing at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre next month.