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The plan may not be aimed directly at the middle class, he acknowledged, but it would help everyone by simplifying a complicated system and encouraging savings across all income levels.
There must be proper savings and protection in place [in case your] income is disrupted," Taylor says.
In both Titanic and Saving Private Ryan, the rescuers have a parting message for the people they've saved.
Finally, net inflows of foreign saving can be, as recent years have demonstrated, an important addition to saving.
In 12 months, you may have the equivalent of a down payment for a home, if that's what you are saving for.
95), Oseola McCarty tells how she amassed more than $250,000 over her lifetime by faithfully saving the money she earned washing and ironing clothes for $1.
The staid, button-down Wall Street financial services firm has launched an educational campaign to educate youngsters about the importance of saving.
If they start at age 45, they should be saving 24 percent of their income to maintain their standard of living in retirement, with full Social Security.
The important thing is to make a commitment and begin saving regularly for your kids' education.
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