save somebody's/your neck/skin/hide

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save someone's skin

 and save someone's neck; save one's bacon
Fig. to save someone from injury, embarrassment, or punishment. I saved my skin by getting the job done on time. Thanks for saving my neck! I would have fallen down the stairs if you hadn't held my arm.
See also: save, skin

save your skin


save your own skin

COMMON If someone tries to save their skin or save their own skin, they try to save themselves from something dangerous or unpleasant, often without caring what happens to anyone else. It looked to me like a desperate attempt to save his skin. It's an announcement that's got a lot more to do with the government trying to save its own skin than trying to help the victims.
See also: save, skin

save somebody’s/your (own) ˈneck/ˈskin/ˈhide

(informal) save somebody or yourself from a dangerous or unpleasant situation: Don’t rely on him for help, he’s only interested in saving his own skin. OPPOSITE: risk your neck
See also: hide, neck, save, skin
References in classic literature ?
All's up--you can't make nor mend; it's to save your neck that I'm a-speaking, and if one of the wild uns knew it, where'd I be, Tom-- now, tell me, where'd I be?
Do not be sparing or shy to use it to save your neck, or to bring food to the family table.
We believe that if we have a tight lending process during the good times, it will save your neck during the bad times.
For instance, you can now recruit other assassins to do your bidding and they'll turn up to save your neck as you build them into mighty warriors to fight alongside you.
And, shock, when you do need to save your neck, will they hide behind the nearest wall or pillar?
Get along and enjoy the fun - and you might even learn something that may save your neck.
Spreading salt over icy walks in winter may save your neck, but it's often lethal to turf and even shrubs.
WHAT: The 2003 Save Your Neck Public Awareness Event: The Save Your Neck Program is an international not-for-profit event designed to educate drivers and passengers of motor vehicles about the importance of correctly positioning car head restraints to prevent serious neck injuries in rear-end collisions.
The campaign comes three weeks before Save Your Neck day when head restraint demonstrations will take place in a number of Sainsbury's car parks.
Concurrent with the Congress, the Spinal Injury Foundation will host an international public awareness campaign, The 2003 Save Your Neck Program.
On Saturday, October 11, 2003, Denver will host its Save Your Neck event at the Sill-Terhar Volvo Dealership at 150 Alter Street in Broomfield, 303-469-1801 (I-36 and Wadsworth Blvd.
In addition to hosting the Congress, as part of our commitment to preventing whiplash and related neck injuries, the Save Your Neck Program will demonstrate to drivers throughout Denver the importance of properly using their automobile's headrest.