save (one's) neck

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save (one's) neck

To rescue one from failure, danger, or disaster; to prevent something bad from happening to one. Thanks for bringing me some extra cash—you really saved my neck. The company is in dire need of new investors to save their neck.
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save someone's neck

If you save someone's neck, you rescue them from injury, harm or death. During the crash, the bar saved my neck, but I was in a lot of pain. You can't let down friends, even to save your own neck, now can you?
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save somebody’s/your (own) ˈneck/ˈskin/ˈhide

(informal) save somebody or yourself from a dangerous or unpleasant situation: Don’t rely on him for help, he’s only interested in saving his own skin. OPPOSITE: risk your neck
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References in classic literature ?
All's up--you can't make nor mend; it's to save your neck that I'm a-speaking, and if one of the wild uns knew it, where'd I be, Tom-- now, tell me, where'd I be?"
The Bengalis also besieged these two places but in view of their longstanding relationship with these influential 'Biharis', they first made them an offer - 'Save your neck, move with your money and family to some safe location and let us have the rest of the Biharis'.
Do not be sparing or shy to use it to save your neck, or to bring food to the family table.
"We believe that if we have a tight lending process during the good times, it will save your neck during the bad times.
For instance, you can now recruit other assassins to do your bidding and they'll turn up to save your neck as you build them into mighty warriors to fight alongside you.
And, shock, when you do need to save your neck, will they hide behind the nearest wall or pillar?
Get along and enjoy the fun - and you might even learn something that may save your neck.
Spreading salt over icy walks in winter may save your neck, but it's often lethal to turf and even shrubs.