save toward

save toward (something)

To put money aside for some particular purpose or purchase in the future. A noun or pronoun can be used between "save" and "toward." We need to start saving toward a new car. I hope we've saved enough money toward this vacation.
See also: save, toward

save (money) toward something

to accumulate money toward the purchase of something. I am saving my money toward the purchase of a big-screen TV. I'm saving toward a new car.
See also: save, toward
References in classic literature ?
No; mine--the little I have been able to save toward restoring what I stole.
Our house had collapsed backward; the front portion, even on the ground floor, had been destroyed completely; by a chance the kitchen and scullery had escaped, and stood buried now under soil and ruins, closed in by tons of earth on every side save towards the cylinder.
The emphasis on field work makes strong mobile solutions critical for success in helping public sector employees save toward a secure retirement.
The service will help/enable working moderate and low-income families save toward the purchase of a home, attain postsecondary education or start a small business by developing client financial management and budgeting plans.
MassMutual said in a statement: "We believe the comprehensive retirement benefits we offer our participants help them save toward a secure financial future, and we will defend vigorously against these baseless allegations.
In this update of the 2007 edition, MarksJarvis, personal finance columnist for the Chicago Tribune, offers reassurance and straightforward advice on navigating the insider language of Wall Street to invest and save toward a comfortable retirement.
This is a Government initiative designed to increase the amount people will save toward their retirement.
To begin, an IDA is a matched savings account for low-income students to save toward postsecondary education.
Edwards' "Big Money Adventure" (featuring counting games and a story for youngsters) and "Savings Quest" (kids build a character, pick a job, and save toward a purchase).
Similarly, individuals who would otherwise invest and save toward retirement might pause because of uncertainty over how their retirement earnings would be taxed.
This will enable treatment group members to maintain emergency reserves for times when they may need more attendant hours than usual or to save toward a special purchase (such as an assistive device).
It's tough to put money aside in the early years of a business, but the earlier you start to save toward retirement (or any other goal), the better you'll do in the long run.
This is a Government initiative designed to increase the amount that people will save toward their retirement.