save the day/situation

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save the day

To manage to produce a good result or make something successful when failure or misfortune seem imminent. Facing elimination from the playoffs, the team's star quarterback threw an incredible pass for a last-minute touchdown and saved the day. I thought we'd have to cancel the birthday party, but John saved the day by dressing up as a clown and entertaining Tommy and his friends.
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save the day

to produce a good result when a bad result was expected. The team was expected to lose, but Sally made three points and saved the day. Your excellent speech calmed the crowd and saved the day.
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save the day

Prevent a misfortune, as in They had forgotten the knife to cut the wedding cake, but Elizabeth arrived with one and saved the day .
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save the day

COMMON If someone or something saves the day in a situation which seems likely to fail, they manage to make it successful. Suddenly there were ten deer charging straight towards me, but the shooting practice drilled into me in the school training corps saved the day. After a disastrous first night for the show, it was Biggs who stepped in to save the day.
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save the day (or situation)

find or provide a solution to a difficulty or disaster.
1990 Richard Critchfield Among the British When the postwar social fabric started to tear, amid a stagnant economy and global decline…Edward Heath…was supposed to save the day. He failed to deliver.
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save the ˈday/situˈation

do something that changes probable failure into success: Jones saved the day for England with a last-minute goal.
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Faced with the imminent destruction of the anthill, he sets out to save the situation by enlisting the help of a few would-be heroes - an out-of-work troupe of bugs from a low-rent flea circus.
It is down to you to save the club and save the situation.
Language being a sensitive issue in the subcontinent, the compere, Aamir Khursheed Rizvi, tried to save the situation by declaring that Urdu was the language of federation in Pakistan while all the regional languages were dear to Pakistanis.
The loss could have been much greater had it not been for the heavy rain that intervened to save the situation.
Mr Sargent said few people had told him on the street that he should not have gone into coalition and added: "In five years' time it actually may be more difficult to save the situation.
Although it is hardly terrible, it still suffers from a lack of direction and Webbe's vocals cannot save the situation.
Agassi tried to rally early in the second set, holding his own serve and forcing 0-30 when it was Safin's turn, but the Russian, who by this time had hit 21 winners, was able to save the situation.
swiftly to save the situation but his crushed limousine will be costing Dumont's insurance company a considerable number of euros.
This increases the chances of the employer becoming aware of a genuine problem in time to save the situation.
He did it for all the right reasons in his mind and his only thought was to save the situation but he'll now miss the last two games of the season.
It will be a tough job for whoever comes in to lead Hibs, with just 12 games left to save the situation.
I just hope Guidetti wakes up one morning and realises he's made an a*** of things and does so in time to save the situation for both parties.
The only way to save the situation, he said, was for the new police commissioner to persuade the community or exert full authority over them.
The situation could have turned uglier had some senior members, with the help of marshals, not intervened to save the situation.
These are things of a past when the harvest was a battle for the yield, when headquarters were created to save the situation, and the Government took immediate decisions to provide agrarians with fuel or farm machinery, Mykola Azarov noted.