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I feel Hartson will save the day with a final penalty goal.
The movie plot has been well guarded but we know this much Rich businessman Eric Knox is kidnapped from his billion-dollar company Knox Technologies Charlie puts the Angels hot on Knoxs trail, hoping they can rescue him and save Knox Technologies It's not long before the girls are busting out the martial arts moves, high-tech equipment and their beauty and smarts to save the day.
Luckily, they were more than happy to help out and save the day."
In a smash ending, Paul Hood, Mike Rogers and two members of the Op-Center team unite with the Chinese Prime Minister and save the day.
Which number will save the day? Fun-filled music and vocals by Crystal Taliefero will have children singing about numbers long after those bumblebees have gone!
WALES rugby star Rupert Moon turned guide to save the day for a group of disabled kids stranded at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.
The play tells the story of a genial extra-terrestrial who steps in to help save the day by making sure the Earth's celebrations for the trillennium go ahead.
Pensioner Jean Weatheritt stepped in to save the day when a lorry broke down in a village centre.
It's up to Grandma to save the day. Perhaps not durable enough for vigorous library lending, but certainly an excellent choice for parents.
Fortunately, another clairvoyant had looked into the future and "seen" this - and arrived at the last minute to save the day. The evening raised pounds 520 for the Rainbow Sanctuary Association.
Carol Owen, who has been helping the St Michael's Players with the play's Geordie accents, is stepping in to save the day. She will star as Peggy when the production opens for a four-night run on Wednesday at the United Reformed Church, Harefield Road, Coventry.
In between her job serving pizza in a rat costume at EZ-CHEEZ-E, minding her younger brothers for her pregnant mother, and evading detention and the school's nasty vice principal, who has it in for her, Ashley manages to save the day, with humor and flair.
Twice he failed to pick out a team-mate and on the third occasion, when he had decided to go it alone, it took a perfectly timed tackle from Gheorghe Popescu to save the day.
Once again, intrepid British teenage spy Alex Rider (hero of Eagle Strike and other thrillers) must save the day. Alex is horrified when he learns that his father, who he never knew, might have worked as an assassin for a dangerous international criminal organization known as Scorpia.
Weird happenings follow and it's up to Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny to save the day. Meanwhile a desktop kit based on the show, which includes a PC Desktop Theme and Screensaver, is currently flying off the shelves.
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