save for (someone or something)

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save for (someone or something)

1. To put money aside for some particular purpose or purchase in the future. We need to start saving for a new car. I've always made a point of saving for unforeseen emergencies.
2. To put something aside or keep something in reserve for someone or for a future use. A noun or pronoun is used between "save" and "for." I know you wanted to be here on Thanksgiving, so I saved some turkey and pumpkin pie for you. The coach seems to be saving his best players for the second half of the game.
3. With the exception of something. Save for one breakout success no one saw coming, the director's films have all been commercial failures. My entire department is just a bunch of idiots! Well, save for Janet—she's all right.
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save (up) (for something)

to accumulate money in order to buy something. I can't buy a car because I am saving up for college. I don't have the money now, but I am saving up.


(one's) face Fig. to preserve one's good standing, pride, or high position (after a failure). The ambassador was more interested in saving his face than winning the argument. Most diplomats are concerned with saving face.

save something for someone or something

to reserve something for someone or something. Please save some cake for me. I am saving this cake for tomorrow.
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You've already won, save something for other people.
"I also knew that the big hill at 22-23 miles would be one to save something for, so when I saw Emma (Wookey) ahead I just went for it".
Given United's determination not to let it happen against them and City needing to save something for their problematic Champions League second leg tie with Liverpool on Tuesday, City boss Pep Guardiola might accept not winning this battle in order to win the war.
When asked earlier why these worlds did not appear in Season 1, Nolan told ( Deadline : "We had to save something for Season 2."
I was quite grateful to be in that position and save something for the next round." Former ballet dancer Sophie Hitchon broke her own British record twice with throws of 73.65m and then 73.86m in the hammer final, but she had to settle for fourth place - 16 centimetres off the medals.
You don't need to make big changes or give up all your treats - by making just a few small tweaks and being a bit smarter with your cash you will be able to afford to save something for your financial future.
What we do know is that they will not do a complete unveil, in order to save something for E3 which happens just 19 days after the May event.
Finances may allow you to be extravagant but don't forget to save something for a rainy day.
You wouldn't say he is screaming for a step up to 6f on that evidence, but Wolverhampton is an easy test and, if Jack Mitchell can save something for the short home straight, he must go close in this claimer.
Phelps was under his world-record pace after 150 metres of the four-stroke race, but eased off to save something for Sunday morning's final.
We need to save something for our children, so that they will have a better life." CONTACT: FoEME, (011)962-6-5866602/3, www.
'I'd be lying if I said at any point in that race I thought 'I'm going to back off and save something for the marathon because I didn't,' she added.
"No matter how little you make," says Theresa, "always try to save something for a rainy day."