save oneself

save oneself (for marriage)

Euph. to remain a virgin until marriage. No, I can't. I love you, but I'm saving myself for marriage. His buddies teased him, asking if he was saving himself.
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Dr Hameed Memon said social and economic pressures were making people mentally sick and the only way to save oneself from the illness was to
But it is always good to be professional, if only to save oneself from the fate of those like Govinda who as soon as he lost market value was dropped by producers in a hurry.
He said it was foolish to resign oneself to one's fate without making any efforts to save oneself because life is God's greatest gift to man.
He said extreme care should be taken to save oneself from exposure in cold, especially during morning and evening hours.
Furthermore, to save oneself from being seen in those old embarrassing photographs, a user can simply click on the 'Activity Log', then 'photos of me' and on the top of the page one can customize 'On Timeline' visible settings which allows for bulk-untag.
Not philosophical, psychological, or aesthetic questions but a key question of the twentieth century--whether to betray someone in order to save oneself.
As someone who is accustomed to seeing the value of recognizing one's pervasive sinful nature and utter inability to save oneself [freeing us to throw ourselves wholeheartedly on the unconditional saving grace of Jesus Christ], it was both revealing and a little uncomfortable to see what happens when a young, sensitive child is repeatedly exposed to the message that "the essential statement of selfhood is: I am a sinner" (17).
As freedom is usually understood by weaker individuals as standing naked and defenseless in front of a dark and hostile world, the only way to save oneself is to break a stranger's spirit, or one's own personality.
Growing concern about depleting quality of air and advancement of technologies to save oneself from harmful effects of air pollution has generated huge opportunities for the sale of air purifier's in Chinese market.
That can be by finding Bible verses that seem to support what is a prejudice, choosing out of all of history the things to be considered "traditional values" while ignoring all else, or hiding behind a religious belief to save oneself from examining what it claims to promote.
I raised five children giving them the truth on human sexuality through credible resources approved by leaders who recognize sexuality as being beautiful and good for God's purpose--respect for sexuality and fertility; sexual control in thought and deed; walk, talk and dress modestly; save oneself for marriage and love and respect one's spouse.
There is some kind of basic and inalienable right to save oneself from death possessed by subjects in a commonwealth.
Jihad itself has been defined in the Arabic dictionary as "to make the utmost effort to attain something beloved or save oneself from something disliked".
But there's a fine line that separates pleading for divine intervention to save oneself and to smite one's enemies.