save oneself

save (oneself)

To abstain from engaging in sexual intercourse or activity until one is married. I was worried he wouldn't want to keep seeing me once he found out I was saving myself, but he was incredibly understanding about it. Some people made fun of me for it, but I'm glad I saved myself for marriage.
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save oneself (for marriage)

Euph. to remain a virgin until marriage. No, I can't. I love you, but I'm saving myself for marriage. His buddies teased him, asking if he was saving himself.
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As online dating is thriving, FTC has ( urged people to be vigilant against the following suspicious elements to save oneself from potential frauds.
Which is why, above all reasons, one of the two or many sides confronting each other must attempt to choose the words wisely in order to save oneself from, and avoid utter embarrassment at a later stage.
However, there is another way one can save oneself from falling sick, other than avoiding people who have the viral infection.
ISLAMABAD -- Health Physician on Wednesday warned citizens to avoid excessive use of heaters or hot air blowers as room heaters are useful to save oneself from the harsh winters but must be used with caution to stay safe from hazardous affects of various diseases and allergies.
As such this particular psychological roadblock is an act of self-preservation, a way to save oneself from not only the pain of failure, but the ridicule of others.
Awareness can be an effective tool to save oneself from such online frauds,' the FIA officer said.
In my opinion, work helps to save oneself. Helping others, for most veterans, is a lifeline.
Then Cynthia Kum, also from New York offers a fabulous sultry entry titled "Saving Me" which underlines how when one is lost and feels cast away that it can be used as an inner retreat where one finds the courage to reboot and save oneself, a theme which is also magnified in "Lost (Hero)" by the talented Sonia Eden from Barbados.
It is widely held that in situations of peril, it is permissible to use another's property without his permission if that is the only way to save oneself from serious harm, but that if one damages or consumes that property, one ought to compensate its owner.
Dr Hameed Memon said social and economic pressures were making people mentally sick and the only way to save oneself from the illness was to
But it is always good to be professional, if only to save oneself from the fate of those like Govinda who as soon as he lost market value was dropped by producers in a hurry.
He said it was foolish to resign oneself to one's fate without making any efforts to save oneself because life is God's greatest gift to man.
He said extreme care should be taken to save oneself from exposure in cold, especially during morning and evening hours.
Furthermore, to save oneself from being seen in those old embarrassing photographs, a user can simply click on the 'Activity Log', then 'photos of me' and on the top of the page one can customize 'On Timeline' visible settings which allows for bulk-untag.
Not philosophical, psychological, or aesthetic questions but a key question of the twentieth century--whether to betray someone in order to save oneself. This question was perhaps the central question of the last century.