save (one's) skin

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save (one's) skin

To rescue one from failure, danger, or disaster; to prevent something bad from happening to someone. Thanks for bringing me some extra cash—you really saved my skin, there! The company is in dire need of new investors to save their skin.
See also: save, skin

save someone's skin

 and save someone's neck; save one's bacon
Fig. to save someone from injury, embarrassment, or punishment. I saved my skin by getting the job done on time. Thanks for saving my neck! I would have fallen down the stairs if you hadn't held my arm.
See also: save, skin

save your skin


save your own skin

COMMON If someone tries to save their skin or save their own skin, they try to save themselves from something dangerous or unpleasant, often without caring what happens to anyone else. It looked to me like a desperate attempt to save his skin. It's an announcement that's got a lot more to do with the government trying to save its own skin than trying to help the victims.
See also: save, skin
References in classic literature ?
"I don't know why I shouldn't save my skin," said Marks.
I could not have refrained from making it, to save my skin. But Raffles rewarded me with as vicious a little kick as he could administer unobserved.
As I sheepishly admitted that, at the grand old age of 34, such a thing had never found its way into my bathroom cabinet, she tutted and tusked and said I was about 10 years too late to save my skin.
Like many Americans, my first reaction to this James Bond-style technology is to embrace it, in the hopes that someday it will save my skin. As for the intrusion, it hardly bothers me; I figure I have nothing to hide.