save for

save something for someone or something

to reserve something for someone or something. Please save some cake for me. I am saving this cake for tomorrow.
See also: save
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The general manager of a sales office in Whittier, Amour said the administration's previous tax cuts haven't put more money in his pocket, and he doubts the new proposal would help him save for retirement.
Women who are also interested in buying homes, she says, should set aside 10% to 20% of their income each month to save for a down payment.
Talk to older children about your plans to save for big expenses, such as a family vacation or new furniture.
I save for particular things," says Campbell, who is now saving tuition for his college-bound daughter.
And thus, readers learn, it's better to save for your future than fritter money away.
You can't save for a kid's college education in the last two years of high school.
According to the study, close to three-quarters (72 percent) of low-saving employees said they didn't know how much they need to save for retirement, but believed they should be saving at least two-to-three times as much than they currently were.
While most people with children younger than 18 say they can save for retirement and college expenses, when forced to prioritize, fully one-third (33 percent) admit they are saving mostly for retirement and putting only a little money toward college, the survey showed.
4 million for an innovative program that will help the low-income workers in Minneapolis' Phillips Neighborhood save for appreciable assets.
A younger child might want to save for a favorite toy, while an older one might see the value in starting to save for a car or college.
According to Daniel Houston, senior vice president at the Principal Financial Group(R), an underwriter of the EBRI study, commented on the results, "Much more can be done through the workplace, where most Americans save for retirement, to educate employers and employees on the immense value of their retirement plans, and providing more tools and education to individual investors geared at their stage in life.
Morgan Stanley manages College SAVE for the Bank of North Dakota, and College SAVE is available throughout the United States.
We are seeing a positive response from 403(b), 457 and 401(k) plan participants who are taking advantage of additional savings opportunities including catch-up provisions, which can help plan participants nearing retirement who have less time to contribute more to their workplace savings plans and save for a comfortable retirement.