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have eyes like saucers

To be looking at someone or something with wide eyes, likely due to surprise or awe. We all had eyes like saucers when Mom and Aunt Judy started screaming at each other during dinner.
See also: eye, have, like, saucer

eyes like saucers

Fig. eyes opened widely as in amazement. Our eyes were like saucers as we witnessed another display of the manager's temper.
See also: eye, like, saucer

have eyes like saucers

have your eyes opened wide in amazement.
See also: eye, have, like, saucer
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Saucer Over City Say Women" (March 31, 1969): "Two Coventry women believe there may have been a flying saucer over the city during the weekend after they were woken by an 'unearthly' high-pitched whining accompanied by a glowing light.
The woman, who identified herself as Rosaleen Parkes, maintained that the flying saucer - propped up on the chassis of cars and part of a corroded steam engine - was an invention of her late uncle and had been stolen from his estate.
STUDENT HOAX THE great flying saucer hoax in 1967 saw Farnborough Technical College students Chris Southall and David Harrison creating their own alien craft for a rag-week stunt.
2 Make: Royal Beei Cup Saucer 3000 Or La Opala Or Bone China Or Cello Only To Quote/Considered.
Agency researchers are developing a spacecraft that looks just like a flying saucer, with the hopes of helping a manned mission to Mars one day land softly on the Red Planet.
For the first row, 4 boiled and 4 uncooked eggs (eight altogether), bunched of 8 ketupat, 8 sungki tied together with red threads, one cubit (small bowl for the telaga piring) in one plate and small cash (as a token for the men who are performing the miring and bebian (prayer) ceremony, and red threads; daun rukuk apimg and tobacco in one saucer; 8 chopped betel nut pieces, roll of 8 sirih and 8 gambier leaves tied in red threads in one saucer; boiled rice in one saucer; and salt in one saucer.
As the water evaporates from the pebble-filled saucer, the moisture will pass up through the plant foliage raising the humidity.
The saucer will be lifted using a helium balloon to a height of about 36,000 metres.
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A few have reported seeing red laser beams coming out of the saucers and a person in flowing robes inside the saucer.
The first, "Meet the Saucer People," is a helpful overview of the main themes of the book.
com) | Handmade cup and saucer, PS13, Imagine Pottery (www.
Giant springs that resemble landing gear; climbing nets for invasion; red spiral slide for escape are going to be installed in the saucer.
IF your hand's a bit shaky, this is the chocolate cup and saucer for you as it's a 'trembleuse': the cup sits in a pierced holder which prevents it from tipping over when held by an unsteady hand.