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saturate (someone or something) with (something)

1. To cause someone or something to be completely soaked by or drenched with some kind of liquid. The misting rain persisted throughout the hike, and it saturated us with water by the time got back home. The leak in the plant saturated the worker's clothes with dangerous chemicals.
2. To cause something to permeate and spread throughout some place; to fill or supply something or some place thoroughly or to the limit. My grandmother's baking always saturated the house with the most wonderful smells. You've been saturating your brain with those cartoons all morning. Go outside and play for a while!
3. In physical chemistry, to cause some substance to dissolve and unite with another substance to maximum capacity. First, we saturate the water with sugar by applying heat, then, as the solution cools, we insert strings to which sugar crystals form.
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saturate someone or something with something

to drench someone or something thoroughly with something. The rain saturated them all with cooling water. Irrigation saturated the field with the moisture they needed.
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Good all-round healthy option sv Asda Cheese Salad, 380g 749 calories | 44.8g fat | 13.7g | saturates | 1.9g fibre | 1.9g salt You might as well head to your local chippy and pick up a small battered cod and chips, which has around 685 calories and 38g fat, than choose this diet disaster.
Always check the nutrition info - anything with more than 21g fat, 6g saturates or 2.4g salt per serving is high and need to be limited to maintain good health.
TESCO FINEST CLASSICS SHEPHERD'S PIE 430g, pounds 2.79 435 cals, 20.3g fat, 13.2g saturates, 1.9g salt
ASDA EXTRA SPECIAL THAI GREEN CURR Y 400g, pounds 2.50 469 cals, 21.2g fat, 15.6g saturates, 3g salt
Heinz Tomato Soup 56p for 400g, 171 calories, 9g fat (0.6g saturates), 2.1g salt A whopping 84 per cent tomatoes, providing a burst of lycopene (red tomato pigment) which has been linked with reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.
Asda Extra Special Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper pounds 1.68 for 530g, 156 calories, 10.5g fat (0.9g saturates), 1.5g salt Low in saturated fat and rich in carotenoids that could help protect against cancer and boost immune system.
Tesco Finest Tandoori Chicken Masala with Coriander Rice pounds 3.99 for 550g, 976 cals, 42.9g fat, 15.5g saturates, 1.1g salt, mild spice Delicious but for nearly 1,000 calories and all that saturated fat it doesn't feel like a huge meal.
pounds 2.15, 862 calories, 45.6g fat, (19.8g saturates), 4g salt This has the least salt but it still contains three-quarters of an adult's recommended daily salt limit and contains no veg apart from the tomato base.
pounds 1.85, 956 calories, 41.2g fat, (20.6g saturates), 5g salt Another fattening pizza that supplies all of a woman's daily intake of saturated fat and skimps on the tomato.
Asda Bacon And Tomato Quiche pounds 1.56 for 425g, 188 calories, 8g fat (3.8g saturates), 0.75g salt Reduced fat pastry plus filling is made with skimmed milk and low-fat cheese.
Waitrose Spinach And Ricotta pounds 1.99 for 400g, 232 calories, 16.4g fat (6.7g saturates), 1g salt Creamy egg custard filling with 17 per cent spinach - still only about a fifth of a normal portion.
Blue Parrot Cafe Dippers pounds 1.49 for 4 x 31g, 97 calories, 6.9g fat (4.9g saturates) Just pure soft cheese with breadsticks - so only 6 per cent of a 7-10 year old's daily salt limit.
69p for 60g 170 calories, 12g fat (8g saturates) Cheddar with Branston pickle.