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satisfy (someone, something, or oneself) by (doing something)

1. To make someone, something, or oneself content or pleased by doing something. I knew I could only satisfy my father by becoming a doctor. I'm trying to satisfy myself by turning my passion for art into a profession. You'll never satisfy your employer by doing the bare minimum.
2. To fulfill someone's or something's requirement by doing something. I'm trying to satisfy the college application's community service requirement by volunteering at a local homeless shelter on weekends. Our CEO is in charge of approving these types of budgetary requests, and you'll only satisfy him by showing a detailed plan of how the money will be spent.
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satisfy (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To make someone, something, or oneself fully content or pleased with some achievement or attainment. I knew I couldn't satisfy my father with a degree in public health. For him, I either became a doctor, or I was a disappointment. I used to worry I wasn't making the most of myself, but I've learned to satisfy myself with my current career trajectory. You'll never satisfy your employer with the bare minimum of effort.
2. To have or use something that fulfills the requirements of someone or something. I'm trying to satisfy the liberal arts requirement with a class on medieval poetry. Our CEO is in charge of approving these types of budgetary requests, and you'll only satisfy him with a detailed plan of how the money will be spent.
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satisfy (someone or an animal) with something

to use something to please or content someone or an animal. Do you think I can satisfy Mrs. Franklin with payment for her broken window? A dog biscuit will satisfy the dog until its regular feeding time.
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satisfy something by something

 and satisfy something with something
to fulfill a requirement, using a particular thing, such as a school or college course. Can I satisfy the requirements by taking a course in art? Will I satisfy the requirement with this course?
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Conversely, it seems clear that best-selling fiction--including much of the recently successful work by African American women novelists--has shown little change in its satisfyingly pedestrian style and narrative preoccupations since the 1850s.
The profound skepticism of our age, the mistrust of all that has been handed to us by our grandfathers and grandmothers as tradition, has led to a curious failure of the imagination, manifested in language that is thoroughly comfortable and satisfyingly unchallenging.
Johnson is satisfyingly old-fashioned in one respect: he does not even mention Derrida or Foucault, and he seems to assume that the critic's job is to heighten appreciation of particular works of art by demonstrating the structural skill of the artist.
However, if you love piling sour cream on a baked potato, you might try the reduced-fat or nonfat alternatives now found in most dairy departments; these "light" sour creams can be satisfyingly close to real sour cream in taste and texture.
Readers who look for detective stories that are edgy, packed with character observations and intrigue, and which hold unexpected and increasingly complex probes into gambling schemes, mob ties, and sometimes-dubious expressions of love will find Vanished a satisfyingly absorbing read right up to its surprising conclusion.
So, despite the satisfyingly modern action-focused gunplay, it all hangs together in a structure closer to the first PS One outing, and one that works far better on Switch than 'bigger' consoles.
This Viennese Masters programme brought together three whose work or careers were musically connected, to create a satisfyingly dynamic evening for the audience.
With skillful storytelling, it adds up to a satisfyingly chunky, compelling thriller.
A gripping narrative makes for a series of impossible scenarios that is hard to put down and satisfyingly compelling and different.
A journey to the sea involves close encounters with evil and self-discoveries that even Clara couldn't predict, in a satisfyingly winding and engrossing young adult story with a coming-of-age difference.
The tortillas are satisfyingly crunchy even when slathered with cheese and a good few minutes have already passed, and the jalapenos are plentiful (you can ask for less if youre not so hot on spicy food).
It comes as no surprise, then, to Your Mama that the Batemans have put their satisfyingly laidback and fairly humble if not exactly inexpensive home in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon up for sale for $2.25 million.
This is superbly designed, while multi-player has also been satisfyingly tinkered with from the original.
Considering my 8oz latte was made right in the middle of New Street, it was rich and creamy with a satisfyingly dry, qualitytaste - and comparativelygood value for PS1.80 (orPS 2.20 for 12oz).
The glossy 11.6in touchscreen is satisfyingly sharp and responsive.