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satisfy (someone or an animal) with something

to use something to please or content someone or an animal. Do you think I can satisfy Mrs. Franklin with payment for her broken window? A dog biscuit will satisfy the dog until its regular feeding time.
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satisfy something by something

 and satisfy something with something
to fulfill a requirement, using a particular thing, such as a school or college course. Can I satisfy the requirements by taking a course in art? Will I satisfy the requirement with this course?
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Other areas that were reported as neutral or not satisfying included:
The leader's responsibility is to find ways of satisfying their peoples values, in addition to getting people aligned to organizational values.
com (NASDAQ: AMZN) remained at 87 for a second year and continues to be one of the most satisfying companies in all of the ACSI.
To qualify for a waiver, a taxpayer must attach a statement to each late return for which a waiver is requested agreeing to cooperate with the IRS upon request in determining and satisfying the taxpayer's tax liability for that tax year.
When dietitians recommend snack options to their clients, they seek products that are real food, satisfying and that have nutritional value.
162-27(h)(3) treats such previously approved plans and agreements as satisfying the requirements of Treas.
TORONTO -- Falconbridge Limited is pleased to announce the company has advanced its joint venture Koniambo ferronickel project in New Caledonia by satisfying the first of two conditions in the Bercy Accord.
On the other hand, if C retains sufficient B assets to continue to actively conduct B, its contribution of some of the assets to S should not prevent C from satisfying the active trade or business requirement.
Women in Study Reported 238% Increase in Frequency of Satisfying Sexual Events
The 3% QNEC counts toward satisfying the minimum allocation gateway for cross-testing purposes.
Also, Griffin pointed out he would go out of business if he did not pay the taxes, arguably satisfying the "direct and proximate" adverse consequences requirement.
These positive results reflect McKessonHBOC's commitment to satisfying customers in one of the areas that's most important to daily operations - user support," said Graham King, ITB president.
IES Industries is thus significant, because it helps taxpayers identify the types of activities that the courts consider important in satisfying the economic-substance and business-purpose tests.
The Marketswitch TRUE Suite(tm) of marketing optimization software products allows companies to meet their customers' needs while simultaneously achieving their own financial goals and satisfying their real-world business constraints.