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satisfy (someone, something, or oneself) by (doing something)

1. To make someone, something, or oneself content or pleased by doing something. I knew I could only satisfy my father by becoming a doctor. I'm trying to satisfy myself by turning my passion for art into a profession. You'll never satisfy your employer by doing the bare minimum.
2. To fulfill someone's or something's requirement by doing something. I'm trying to satisfy the college application's community service requirement by volunteering at a local homeless shelter on weekends. Our CEO is in charge of approving these types of budgetary requests, and you'll only satisfy him by showing a detailed plan of how the money will be spent.
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satisfy (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To make someone, something, or oneself fully content or pleased with some achievement or attainment. I knew I couldn't satisfy my father with a degree in public health. For him, I either became a doctor, or I was a disappointment. I used to worry I wasn't making the most of myself, but I've learned to satisfy myself with my current career trajectory. You'll never satisfy your employer with the bare minimum of effort.
2. To have or use something that fulfills the requirements of someone or something. I'm trying to satisfy the liberal arts requirement with a class on medieval poetry. Our CEO is in charge of approving these types of budgetary requests, and you'll only satisfy him with a detailed plan of how the money will be spent.
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satisfy (someone or an animal) with something

to use something to please or content someone or an animal. Do you think I can satisfy Mrs. Franklin with payment for her broken window? A dog biscuit will satisfy the dog until its regular feeding time.
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satisfy something by something

 and satisfy something with something
to fulfill a requirement, using a particular thing, such as a school or college course. Can I satisfy the requirements by taking a course in art? Will I satisfy the requirement with this course?
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According to Alerge and Garau (2010), customer satisfaction studies should classify dissatisfiers and satisfiers into separate constructs, not only as the opposite ends of the same continuum.
The instrument proposed in this paper measures direct and indirect task and job satisfiers and dissatisfiers.
While interactions was an important satisfier for both, convenience was mentioned considerably more often in relationship to the facility.
Powell, 2008, "The Role of Gender Identity in Explaining Sex Differences in Business Owners' Career Satisfier Preferences", Journal of Business Venturing, 23(3), 244-56.
Lastly, it is important to note that unfulfilling the must-be requirements can have very detrimental effects, while unfulfilling satisfier requirements does not necessarily lead to dissatisfaction.
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Vegetarian so as not to kill, beautiful in its simplicity, tasty with love and devotion, all food made for Hindus must be prepared and offered by a devotee first to Krishna, satisfier of senses, according to the methods prescribed in the most ancient of all Hindu texts, the Vedas and the Upanishads.
Plus, the fact that between the year 2000 and now we've redressed most of the pay issues and we've gone from where pay was a significant dissatisfier, not to the point where it's a huge satisfier at this point in time--we don't want people to be with us just so they get a high salary--but we wanted to remove it from the dissatisfier where it was really just too tough to go home and look your wife in the eye and say, 'I really like what I'm doing but you're suffering the consequence of it.
There also may be a minimal level of a satisfier needed to ensure consideration, but some tradeoffs may still be possible (e.
Currently, a navigation system is a satisfier, but as more competitors make them available it too is likely to become a dissatisfier.
Each satisfier has an additive effect toward total customer satisfaction or customer loyalty.
Interpersonal relationship with students and peers was a job satisfier rather than a dissatisfier for collegiate student affairs staff.
Matiz Apricot Bread is another delicacy that combines delicious Spanish apricots with rich Marcona almonds for a healthy sweet-tooth satisfier.
Attheraces was a generator of enthusiasm as well as a satisfier.
The chance to play a part in directly helping others through this program is a satisfier beyond words.