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feel a glow of happiness

To feel delighted and content. The newlyweds are so cute—they really seem to be feeling a glow of happiness.
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feel a glow of satisfaction

To feel delighted and content. The newlyweds are so cute—they really seem to be feeling a glow of satisfaction.
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to (one's) satisfaction

In a way that one likes, accepts, or approves of. I was really disappointed by the appetizer, but thankfully the main course was much more to my satisfaction. I knew that if I didn't complete the project to their satisfaction, I would be in danger of losing my job.
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feel a glow of happiness

 and feel a glow of contentment; feel a glow of satisfaction; feel a glow of peacefulness
Fig. to have a good feeling of some kind. Anne felt a glow of happiness as she held her new baby. Sitting by the lake, the lovers felt a warm glow of contentment.
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to somebody’s satisˈfaction

1 if you do something to somebody’s satisfaction, they are pleased with it: The affair was settled to the complete satisfaction of the client.
2 if you prove something to somebody’s satisfaction, they believe or accept it: Can you demonstrate to our satisfaction that your story is true?
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It has been nearly 13 years since Americans' satisfaction with the state of the nation was higher than it is today.
Assessment measures included a self-developed Demographic questionnaire and Work Satisfaction Scale by Bovier and Perneger (2003).
Overall satisfaction is considerably higher among program members earning rewards in restaurants, product purchases, and car rentals than among those just earning airline flights alone.
Related: 20 homeowners' insurance companies ranked highest for customer satisfaction
The same phenomena holds true where excessive psycho-socio stressors have made doctors more prone to deteriorated job satisfaction. In last two decades, a lot of research has been done to evaluate job satisfaction in medical staff.
Objectives: To assess and compare patients' satisfaction with services provided in public and private sector hospitals and to determine the factors associated with patients' satisfaction in these hospitals.
The overall level of job satisfaction of teachers was at a high to very high level that speaks of their strong job commitment and their intention to continue their current.
Small business owners are reporting record levels of satisfaction with their insurance coverage, with carrier investment in products, service infrastructure, and technology likely driving the uptick.
Almost six in 10 or 57 percent of adult Filipinos expressed satisfaction with Robredo's performance against 29 percent who said otherwise, for a net satisfaction score of +28, classified by SWS as "moderate.
Power finds that customer satisfaction levels with these digital channels have been increasing, with mobile apps in particular driving increased loyalty among banking customers, the company said.
Property insurers are falling short in some areas of the claims process even as they earn high marks for overall customer satisfaction, according to the J.D.
According to the World Health Organization health care labor shortage is increasing globally especially where healthcare performance indicators are the not good.2 WHO in its report during the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health published the fact that by 2035 the world will be short of 12.9 million healthcare workers.2 Job satisfaction is the difference between a person's expectation and his reward.
Among the branches of government, it was only the Senate that received a 'very good' net satisfaction rating in the fourth quarter of 2018, a survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) revealed.
adults remain largely dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed, their satisfaction is up 10 percentage points since last year, to 38%.
Patient satisfaction level was marked on 1-5 grades Likerts scale.