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satiate (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To provide someone, oneself, or some animal with more than enough food to satisfy their appetite; to satisfy one's appetite fully. My husband always makes a point of satiating our guests with more food than anyone could possibly hope to eat in a single sitting. We had to satiate the lion with our last two goats so that we could escape with our lives. I knew I couldn't satiate my hunger with a sandwich, but it would at least keep me going until I got home from the hike.
2. To satisfy one's or someone else's desire or urge fully. I'm trying to satiate my cravings for cigarettes with this nicotine gum. I've been trying to satiate my wife with all sorts of things I never thought I'd do in bed.
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satiate (someone or an animal) with something

to provide enough of something for someone or an animal. The waiters set out to satiate the guests with whatever sinful desserts they desired. The zookeeper satiated the tigress with a huge leg of beef.
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This collection satiates all types of printing requirements and ensures that users get true value for their invested money.
With affordable toner cartridges, users can satiate their printing needs without spending much.
It is an indulgent treat that satiates hunger and helps women more easily fit protein into their diet, according to the company.
Rather than make arrests when crowds turn out of saloons, police find that handing out candy bars calms drinkers, satiates their hunger, and generally makes it easier for the drunks to get home safely.
Watanabe's earlier work had established that when a spider in a laboratory case satiates itself with two fruit flies a day, it builds its daily web with linear instead of spiral decorations.