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satiate (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To provide someone, oneself, or some animal with more than enough food to satisfy their appetite; to satisfy one's appetite fully. My husband always makes a point of satiating our guests with more food than anyone could possibly hope to eat in a single sitting. We had to satiate the lion with our last two goats so that we could escape with our lives. I knew I couldn't satiate my hunger with a sandwich, but it would at least keep me going until I got home from the hike.
2. To satisfy one's or someone else's desire or urge fully. I'm trying to satiate my cravings for cigarettes with this nicotine gum. I've been trying to satiate my wife with all sorts of things I never thought I'd do in bed.
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satiate (someone or an animal) with something

to provide enough of something for someone or an animal. The waiters set out to satiate the guests with whatever sinful desserts they desired. The zookeeper satiated the tigress with a huge leg of beef.
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They need to realise ambition is a drug and the appetite for success can never be satiated
After 40 days treatment, THC was significantly lower in the starved group (average 1.97 x [10.sup.7] cells [mL.sup.-1]) compared with the satiated group (average 3.34 x [10.sup.7] cells [mL.sup.-1]) and the initial control (3.29 x [10.sup.7] cells [mL.sup.-1]; Fig.
Those who indicated a score of 1 or 2 were classified as hungry, whereas those who indicated a score of 5 or 6 were classified as satiated. Responses from male participants who indicated they were more hungry than full (N = 14), more full than hungry (N = 17) or unsure (N = 7) were not analysed, as we wished to exclude participants who reported only moderate levels of hunger or satiety.
According to him, he isn't satiated by the completion of the biggest deal so far of his career and the one that has put an exclamation mark on his meteoric rise.
Like humans, rats satiated on one food are less likely to overeat if offered more of that same food, but will increase consumption if offered a different, more palatable food.
This indicates that the subjects were less satiated by each successive meal as the day progressed.
A glut of "Big Brother"-and "Survivor"-style formats satiated viewers in 2000, but casting shows have yet to tire ands.
He has perjured himself by neglecting his promises to marry her legally in Athens, and the poet exploits this "perjurium" in Ariadne's pejorative characterization of Theseus: "postquam cupidae mentis satiata libido est, / Verba nihil metuere, nihil perjuria curant" (After the lust of their greedy mind is satiated, they [the male sex] fear no longer the effect of their words, they care nothing for their false oaths).
Rather than rest on the heaps of praise garnered from the release of last year's Very Emergency CD, not to mention the positive media attention generated by guitarist Jason Gnewikow's coming-out, these indie rock heroes knocked out this four-song EP to keep rabid fans satiated until the band's next full-length is released.
Feeling satiated and generous, you decide to leave the superb wait staff a rather large gratuity.
But if there were any concerns about the risks being created, they were well hidden by a Congress satiated with record campaign contributions and lulled into complacency by a roaring stock market and quarter after quarter of record financial profits.
Whatever happens, says local commentator Wayne Wright, "I was glad, after 90 years of being satiated with Anne of Green Gables, to see her dark, twisted sister coming out of the shadows." Merchandisers are hoping that the carrot-topped, freckled-faced dolls can take a rest under the bed for awhile as Emily snuggles underneath the covers.
Situational factors, such as the frequency or intensity of consumption and the mode of consumption, can affect how quickly a consumer feels satiated with a brand.
Of the crown, they ask God to save the Queen, they sing We live in a country ruled by the rich, not a true democracy But a cruel plutocracy with the poor kept firmly in their place; The middle class politically placated and the rich their greed satiated, Hell bent in maintaining a cruel plutocracy destroying for ever, democracy.