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satiate (someone or an animal) with something

to provide enough of something for someone or an animal. The waiters set out to satiate the guests with whatever sinful desserts they desired. The zookeeper satiated the tigress with a huge leg of beef.
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Lahore -- Provincial Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah has said that Chaudhary brothers have proven that they can go fall to lowest level to satiate their lust for power.
Rs 150 to Rs 350 Worth your time: This market will satiate even men who have gone around town shopping for shorts but have come back disappointed.
The Church often refers to a culture of death in society yet barely blinks at the huge numbers of animals that are slaughtered to satiate a national craving for their flesh
Super Skinny teas contain a proprietary formula including BPT-Lean, which contains roasted yerba mate to suppress appetite and boost energy; gymnema sylvestre to help balance sugar levels and suppress cravings for sweets; Citrin K to help satiate appetite and increase the burning of fat (a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation); and green tea extract with EGCG to boost metabolism and burn fat.
What then would happen to our democratic process if humungous lactating breasts were being periodically whipped out to satiate screaming babies?
Developers are now scrambling to bring more product to the market at a faster pace in order to satiate all the pent-up demand.
25 release of her new album, "Bedtime Stories," can satiate their immediate longings by downloading a sound clip from the first single, "Secret," contained in the Warner Bros.
In other words, if bread is thought of as a food in itself--such as in shops that specialize in home-made breads or in specialty breads--then consumers are more likely to satiate on specific attributes and to seek variety.
Its line of Fuel for Health(TM) all-natural beverages is available in a growing number of stores and includes select ingredients to satiate, boost energy and immunity and enhance a healthy lifestyle.
Citizens have complained that encroachers on footpaths of Raja Bazaar, Bara market, Sadiq Abad, Commercial Market, Satiate Town, Bani Market, Jamia Masjid Road, City Sader road, Bohar bazaar, Trank bazaar, College road, Liquat road Murree road and other areas and motorcycles parked on the road are causing traffic jams and hardships for people walking.
A felony manslaughter conviction for George Russell Weller might satiate many people's sense of justice, but that justice is empty satisfaction.
If the market continues at its current pace, new development will have to take place to satiate this growing demand.
Comical Ali lived in fear of Brooks and Murdoch, perverting the Labour Party to satiate those media beasts.
We observe that diners visit the restaurant with a well-defined goal of satiating their hunger and because of this well-defined goal they are willing to invest effort and resources to satiate their hunger goal," they wrote.
New York, July 3 (ANI): 'Twilight' fans, who have not had enough of the franchise, can now satiate their appetite with a few new iPhone applications.