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satiate (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To provide someone, oneself, or some animal with more than enough food to satisfy their appetite; to satisfy one's appetite fully. My husband always makes a point of satiating our guests with more food than anyone could possibly hope to eat in a single sitting. We had to satiate the lion with our last two goats so that we could escape with our lives. I knew I couldn't satiate my hunger with a sandwich, but it would at least keep me going until I got home from the hike.
2. To satisfy one's or someone else's desire or urge fully. I'm trying to satiate my cravings for cigarettes with this nicotine gum. I've been trying to satiate my wife with all sorts of things I never thought I'd do in bed.
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satiate (someone or an animal) with something

to provide enough of something for someone or an animal. The waiters set out to satiate the guests with whatever sinful desserts they desired. The zookeeper satiated the tigress with a huge leg of beef.
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Peaksel's mission is to satiate people's hunger for quality applications and having over 10 million satisfied users, helps in fulfilling the mission.
Acer hears this crowd, and hopes to satiate some folks out there with the Aspire Predator AG7750 gaming desktop.
He argues that the otaku provide a new model of postmodern consumer, the "database animal," whose ability to satiate themselves by cataloging, storing, and displaying characters from their stories is different from the "human" mode of consumption that searches for deeper meaning in stories.
Students at Washington State University-Pullman now have a more hassle-free way to satiate their cravings for some tasty study food--pizza.
Will indulgence be your answer, will you provide a satiate?
Stellera decides that she can't keep her urges under control anymore and must dive into a darker side of her world with people she would have had nothing to do with before all to satiate her desires--and must somehow keep her 'normal' life with family and friends going at the same time.
This week, the Madinat Theatre goes all out with a four-day performance of 'A Night at the Opera', sure to satiate music lovers with a yearning for soaring sopranos and arias.A The performance is something of a 'best of' compilation, taking the listener on a journey through some of the most famous moments of operas.
Fusing hardcore, metal and elements of hip-hop, this has a broad enough appeal to satiate fans across the spectrum from Hatebreed and Pantera to agit-rockers Rage Against The Machine.
Based on the American website, which is a favourite across the pond, you'll find all you need here to satiate your gaming desires.
The UK (especially England) remains largely devoid of forest due to the vast amount of logging that was required during medieval times to satiate our need for fuel.
Classical Folk: 15 International Folksongs arranged by Phillip Keveren strikes a balance between overall appeal, musicianship and musical challenges to satiate both students and teachers at the affordable price of $10.95.
Justifying perfidy and murder for public benefit, public benefit would soon become the pretext, and perfidy and murder the end; until rapacity, malice, revenge, and fear more dreadful than revenge, could satiate their insatiable appetites.
This book takes a look at how hunger affects the human body and how the drive to satiate it shapes everything from interpersonal relationships to whole societies.
If any country needs to be investigated for Weapons of Mass Destruction, it is the United States, which obviously has no qualms about using them to satiate Bush's hunger for revenge.
The finish also prevents food particles sticking to the satiate of the belt.