sing (someone's or something's) praises

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sing (someone's or something's) praises

To speak very highly of something or someone; to enthusiastically endorse someone or something; to extol the virtues, benefits, or good qualities of someone or something. Our manager has been singing the new developers' praises. I hope they're up to the job! Jeff sang his phone's praises right up until it froze on him all of a sudden last night.
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sing someone's or something's praises

 and sing the praises of someone or something
Fig. to praise someone highly and enthusiastically. The boss is singing his new secretary's praises. The theater critics are singing the praises of the young actor.
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sing someone's praises

Commend someone, especially to others, as in They were singing her praises to the entire community. [Mid-1500s] Also see praise to the skies.
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sing someone's/something's praises

COMMON If you sing someone's or something's praises, you praise them in an enthusiastic way. Smith, singing Tony's praises, said: `He's different, a real natural.' All parties are singing the praises of the multi-party system. Note: You can say that someone sings their own praises if they say good things about themselves. This may sound like we're singing our own praises here, but I honestly think most people love our music.
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sing somebody’s/something’s ˈpraises

(informal) praise somebody/something very much or with great enthusiasm; say that somebody/something is very good: Both her grandsons are doctors, and she never stops singing their praises.One day he’s singing your praises; the next day he’s telling you you’re stupid. OPPOSITE: find fault (with somebody/something)
See also: praise, sing
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Joe went to numerous nursing homes and sang praises to his God.
The film's lead star Gal Gadot has already sang praises for the upcoming movie, and it's because the lead character is so inspirational.
Early reviews of Apple iPhone 6 models to be released on Friday sang praises of the large-screen handsets, proclaiming that bigger truly is better.
MANILA -- Confetti rained down and children with angelic voices sang praises for the Risen Lord as Catholics around Metro Manila Sunday welcomed a new dawn with one of the most cherished of Filipino Easter traditions-the "salubong.
Budzanowski also sang praises of the financing model in use in Poland, which is based on co-financing by companies, EIB and EBRD credits, the EU budget and the Polish state budget.
He sang praises for the reconciliation efforts of President Asif Ali Zardari, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, and others.
AT midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.
The skipper sang praises of Khawaja before delivering a heartfelt apology to Australian supporters after England stormed to a 2-1 series lead with victory in Boxing Day Test.
The tailor scribed about the hearth and challenged Dickens for the hearts of Welshmen, who with poem and pen sang praises in a field,and waited in the rain to testify enthronement of the bard.
This is not the first time the rapper has sang praises about his lady love and their relationship.
AT midnight, Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them.
It evokes memories of so many good and kindly people sadly no longer with us, who regularly prayed and sang praises to God renewing their faith and strength to carry on.