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be as happy as Larry

To be in very good spirits. The phrase's origin is unknown, but it may refer to Australian boxer Larry Foley. I was as happy as Larry when I found out that I'd gotten an A on my hardest exam.
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be as happy as a sandboy

To be in very good spirits. It is possible that sandboys (boys who sold sand in Victorian England) were said to be so happy because they were paid in alcoholic beverages. Primarily heard in UK. I was as happy as a sandboy when I found out that I'd gotten an A on my hardest exam.
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happy as a sandboy

If you are happy as a sandboy, you are very happy. He's all smiles and happy as a sandboy. Note: Sandboys were boys or men who sold bags of sand from carts. It is possible that they were described as `happy' because they had a reputation for spending their money on alcohol.
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happy as a sandboy

extremely happy; perfectly contented with your situation.
An 1823 dictionary describes a sandboy as an urchin who sold sand in the streets, and according to the same source the expression jolly as a sandboy was already proverbial by that date for ‘a merry fellow who has tasted a drop’. A common British version of the phrase is happy as Larry , Larry being a pet name for Lawrence . This saying is sometimes connected with the renowned boxer Larry Foley ( 1847–1917 ); on the other hand, it may owe something to larry , a dialect word used by Thomas Hardy , meaning ‘a state of excitement’. The North American version is happy as a clam , which apparently originated in the early 19th century on the east coast, where clams are plentiful: the full version happy as a clam at high water explains the source of the clam's satisfaction.
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The expression comes from the early 19th century; jolly as a sandboy was also used.
As sure as eggs is eggs, bus drivers would be asking you to shake a leg as you dragged your heels down the aisle, shopkeepers would be selling off their produce for a song and children would be as happy as a sandboy trying out the odd new phrase.
And, with the exception of a scene where he has to whip his shirt off, filmed in freezing conditions in France, he's as happy as a sandboy about it.
Give me a book by Elmore Leonard, Ed McBain or Reginald Hill and I am as happy as a sandboy.
During a furious rant at a press conference yesterday, the millionaire claimed Mr Jewell was "as mute as a sandboy when Government bodies jacked up the prices".
SANDBOY Dean Hurst, from Salisbury, Wilts, is described as a "little devil" by his mum Julie.
First-season trainer Simon Callaghan is as happy as a sandboy at Lingfield, with nine winners from the 27 horses he has sent to the Surrey track.
At this very moment he is sitting in our halainted, carpetless sitting room, as happy as a sandboy, a sophoric expression on his face, a can of lager in his hand.
STAR of the desert Ricky Munday hopes he'll be as happy as a sandboy tonight after helping Glasgow Hawks land the BT Cup to complete the double.
As long as I'm overground I'm as happy as a sandboy.
Whatever your tastes, you should be able to kit yourself out this summer in something that will flatter to deceive on the beach and make you feel happy as a sandboy in the holiday sun.
Having played on a beach last weekend, the Chelsea striker will be as happy as a sandboy after backing Silver Birch from trap six to win the 8.
Freeman, 56, sparked a pounds 35,000 rescue operation when he abandoned his pounds 6500 yacht, The Sandboy, after it was dashed against rocks at Burghead Harbour.
Roger Chapman, happy as a sandboy after spending some of his Rio de Janeiro winnings on laser eye surgery which means he can throw away his contact lenses, can spring a 9-4 surprise by beating Open champion Paul Lawrie and Aussie Peter Senior.
One divorce later and she's happy as a sandboy called Larry in high heels (cos the next fella's gonna be a big 'un) and a frock cunningly fashioned to look like a toga.