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Even when it comes to the "same ol' same ol'", brokers are thinking about how to make it different and keep it relevant.
We want smart and knowledgeable content that never comes across as "chamber of commerce" or "same ol' same ol'." You have my support of the new direction!
Like the black culture that produces it, rap is both a new thing and the same ol' same ol'!" Dyson's remark raises the question, how visionary can a hip-hop political movement be that is closely tied to the same ol', same ol', ghetto bling-bling reportage that dominates so much of the rap music incessantly blared into our communities.
seein it go back to everyone bitin', everyone doin' the same ol' same ol'. It's kinda like skatin'.
Same ol' same ol'. If it's still the case that transgressive behavior by women is dismissed as simple "acting out," you get the sense that that's just fine with Tracey Emin, an artist who revels in hysteronics - mostly in relation to love gone bad.
But again, look at the reactions of the fans and listeners: Did they think Berry's music was the same ol' same ol'? Did all the musicians he's influenced, all the lives his music changed?