same as

the same as (someone or something)

Very alike in appearance, behavior, traits, characteristics, etc., as someone or something else. It's important to praise each of your kids the same as their siblings, even if it's for relatively mundane things. Your dinner is the same as everyone else's! You're just the same as your mother—headstrong and impetuous!
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same as someone or something

identical to someone or something. Can you build me a birdhouse the same as yours? Have you noticed that Mary looks the same as her mother?
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A runs a second series of queries which are the same as the first stage.
the rest of the problem is the same as the one given in Equation (11).
The sampled countries are essentially the same as those in the data used by Nickell and Layard (1999).
However, correct responses for test trials assessing the double reversed relations were the same as those required for test relations assessing simple relations.
In practice, what this procedure means is that routers use and announce a single route for each prefix to their peers, whether via BGP for those in other ASs or via IBGP for those in the same AS.
224 of 1993 stipulates, among others, that the value of investment of an insurance company shall be at least the same as that of its technical reserves.
13) One might quote Shoemaker here: "Phenomenal similarity is not the same as intentional similarity" (1991, 515); to admit that is to admit that the non-epistemic field and the epistemic gestalts come apart, that sensing and perceiving are separate.
The obvious solution is to have many processes running the same AS program.
An AS class is a set of AS processes that execute the same AS program.