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salvage (something) from (something or some place)

1. To recover, rescue, or save something from some danger, destruction, or difficulty or the outcome thereof. We managed to salvage the engine and rear wheels from the accident, but the rest of the car had to be sent to the junkyard. If we can salvage the flight recorder from the wreckage, we should be able to determine the cause of the accident. Some people are able to salvage their marriage from an affair, but it can be exceptionally difficult.
2. To manage to gain or maintain something from some failure or bad situation. It was a really painful breakup, but in time I was able to salvage some useful perspectives about myself from the relationship. I'll be lucky to even salvage my dignity from that disastrous meeting.
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salvage something from someone or something

to rescue or save something from someone or something. The baby got into the eggs, but I was able to salvage about six of them from him before they were broken all over the place. I salvaged a good pair of shoes from the trash.
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[26] NAA, ACT, A3670/1, item 451/1942, cited in Dawn Peel, 'Salvaging community pride: Colac and the Commonwealth Salvage Commission', Journal of the Australian War Memorial (JAWM), no.17, October 1990, p.8.
The team placed second again in the firefighting scenario, leaving them in good position to win the overall title if they could nail the salvaging event.
About eight months later, Eads, a rival salvor, began salvaging operations and recovered a load of lead.
Once you decide that salvaging the vehicle is the best option, how do you go about getting the best price?
part, that: "Any attempt at so salvaging the TBD, without the
Congressman Greg Walden, R-Ore., and Bush administration officials have pointed to costly delays in salvaging timber from the Biscuit burn as Exhibit A in the case for a Walden-sponsored bill that would expedite the logging and replanting of burned forests after wildfires and other natural disasters.
This involves salvaging building contents and components and finding viable markets and outlets for materials.
Disclose the circumstances that led to the salvaging of the goods, but avoid descriptive adjectives that might be considered matters of judgment rather than fact, and avoid details which may be difficult to guarantee or verify.
Officials from the Foreign Ministry and Japan Coast Guard will travel to the Chinese capital to discuss the matter with their counterparts to seek specific solutions as Tokyo aims to begin the salvaging process later this month, the officials said.
Then again, mighty Paul may well have admired the initiative, ingenuity, and finish-what-has-been-started attitude of 35-year-old Scott Mitchen, a veteran deep-sea diver who now spends his summers salvaging sunken logs from the bottom of Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay near Bayfield, Wisconsin.