salvage from

salvage (something) from (something or some place)

1. To recover, rescue, or save something from some danger, destruction, or difficulty or the outcome thereof. We managed to salvage the engine and rear wheels from the accident, but the rest of the car had to be sent to the junkyard. If we can salvage the flight recorder from the wreckage, we should be able to determine the cause of the accident. Some people are able to salvage their marriage from an affair, but it can be exceptionally difficult.
2. To manage to gain or maintain something from some failure or bad situation. It was a really painful breakup, but in time I was able to salvage some useful perspectives about myself from the relationship. I'll be lucky to even salvage my dignity from that disastrous meeting.
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salvage something from someone or something

to rescue or save something from someone or something. The baby got into the eggs, but I was able to salvage about six of them from him before they were broken all over the place. I salvaged a good pair of shoes from the trash.
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References in classic literature ?
Second are the romances which, battered salvage from a greater past, retell in strangely altered romantic fashion the great stories of classical antiquity, mainly the achievements of Alexander the Great and the tragic fortunes of Troy.
liquidity Services assisted in managing the safety and loading requirements for the removal of the salvage from the loss location.
the professional liquidation firm assisted in managing the buyer inspection as well as the safety and loading requirements for the removal of the salvage from the loss location.
Salvage Master Gordon Olson determined it would be best to approach the salvage from two fronts.
He went on to state that his aim had been to centralise the marketing and distribution of salvage from his office, and further argued that any separate selling groups, like Young's, would "adversely affect our organisation": We are endeavouring largely to follow the principles adopted in connection with the National Campaign in Britain where salvage activity has been made the compulsory duty of local governing bodies.
Huthnance's altruism absolved the Council of any financial liability associated with the devolution of responsibility for salvage from the State and Commonwealth governments.
Modern claim solutions allow insurers and their clients to avoid significant and costly liabilities, such as the requirement to remove salvage from remote locations, store the salvage for an extended period of time, or prepare the salvage for transfer or sale.
Online services such as eBay, SalvageSale, and have transformed the marketplace for salvage from local to global, making it fast and easy for adjusters to find market specialists and determine fair market value for damaged goods.