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salvage (something) from (something or some place)

1. To recover, rescue, or save something from some danger, destruction, or difficulty or the outcome thereof. We managed to salvage the engine and rear wheels from the accident, but the rest of the car had to be sent to the junkyard. If we can salvage the flight recorder from the wreckage, we should be able to determine the cause of the accident. Some people are able to salvage their marriage from an affair, but it can be exceptionally difficult.
2. To manage to gain or maintain something from some failure or bad situation. It was a really painful breakup, but in time I was able to salvage some useful perspectives about myself from the relationship. I'll be lucky to even salvage my dignity from that disastrous meeting.
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salvage something from someone or something

to rescue or save something from someone or something. The baby got into the eggs, but I was able to salvage about six of them from him before they were broken all over the place. I salvaged a good pair of shoes from the trash.
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| Drew Pritchard will team up with Turbo Pickers' Paul Cowland in Salvage Hunters Classic Cars
After the Biscuit Fire, I worked with colleagues familiar with the intricacies of Forest Service finances to calculate the benefits and costs of different levels of salvage logging.
In my own practice, I was initially very reluctant to embark on salvage cryosurgery because of the risk of significant complications.
Salvaging, protecting, recycling, and sharing Mississippi's rich cultural history is at the heart of Storied Salvage. "This our way of restoring Southern heritage and preserving the charm and beauty of Mississippi," adds Hoar.
Removing the salvage vehicles from the insurance facilities and negating the need for land to be leased by insurers, thus cutting operational costs.
Insurers need a strategic and comprehensive commercial salvage program to compete in today's world.
Results: the salvage was marketed to a global base of metals buyers resulting in 756 bidders viewing the lot and 13 buyers submitting bids.
The salvage mission, which is being keenly watched across the world because of the complexities involved, is under constant review by a threestar officer who monitors the performance evaluation chart while the salvage company records the operations as a case study.
Salvage Master Gordon Olson determined it would be best to approach the salvage from two fronts.
Copart Inc (NASDAQ:CPRT) an online salvage vehicle auction company, declared on Thursday that it has acquired Salvage Parent Inc, which consists predominantly of three businesses Quad City Salvage Auction, Crashed Toys and Desert View Auto Auction.
"This barge averages 300 days a year doing salvage work.
The salvage business, now located in Mount Joy Township, previously was located in Union Township.
Hong Kong, Sept 20, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - Xiangyu Dredging Holdings Limited ("Xiangyu Dredging" or the "Company", stock code: 871), the largest privately owned dredging company in China in terms of dredging volume in 2010, is pleased to announce the Company and its subsidiaries (the "Group")will acquire equity interest in Jiangsu Jiaolong Salvage Harbour Engineering Co.
Salvage radiotherapy significantly improved prostate cancer--specific survival in a retrospective study of 635 men whose prostate-specific antigen levels began to rise after radical prostatectomy.