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salvage something from someone or something

to rescue or save something from someone or something. The baby got into the eggs, but I was able to salvage about six of them from him before they were broken all over the place. I salvaged a good pair of shoes from the trash.
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The alternative of salvage ADT (continuous or intermittent) also carries its own set of complications and negative impact on quality of life.
Industry specialists have estimated that less than 10 percent of commercial salvage finds its way to the open market.
The salvage operation is estimated below Rs 250 crore.
Jiangsu Jiaolong Salvage's original equity-holders have agreed to give certain profit guarantees in favour of the Group and, in the meanwhile, the Group shall share 55% of the profits of Jiangsu Jiaolong Salvage up to 31 December 2014.
Among the notable salvage techniques to be demonstrated are operation of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and side scan sonasrs launched from the USS Safeguard and demonstration of hot tap equipment - used for removing fuel from the tanks of sunken vessels.
The salvage equipment, including a crane, was installed on a barge which was towed into position.
Nearly two-thirds, 397 men, did not have salvage radiotherapy; 160 had salvage radiotherapy alone, while the remainder, 78 men, had salvage radiotherapy plus hormonal therapy.
According to the DEM, 73 auto salvage yards are in the state.
Forest Service's rationale for its plan to salvage and reforest thousands of acres burned by the Biscuit fire.
Many of the issues, particularly salvage sales, are very contentious.
We analyzed the market and saw an opportunity to use the benefits of the Internet and business-based processes to take salvage goods to the next level," Richardson said.
That reinforces the importance of salvage and diving teams.
The reality of patients who need salvage or rescue therapy has been apparent from the very early days of HIV therapy.
Although planned laryngectomy for nonresponders was an integral part of these treatment regimens, 40 to 65% of patients were able to avoid salvage laryngectomy.