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slang Annoyed by, upset by, or resentful of something that has been done or said to one. Of course I'm salty—you made fun of me in front of all our friends! Why is she so salty? I told her I was going to be home late!

salty dog

A sailor, especially a man, who is older and has had a lot of experience on the seas. The bar was packed with old salty dogs who'd traveled all across the world, sharing stories of their adventures.
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salty tongue

A proclivity to use coarse, rude, or vulgar language. My grandmother is the sweetest old lady you'll ever meet but, my lord, does she have a salty tongue! That salty tongue of yours is going to get you in trouble some day. Not everyone thinks language like that is acceptable!
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n. expensive; [of a price] falsely bid up. That price is a little salty. Is that the best you can do?
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We will discard his whiskey in a fashion fitting to his behaviour SALTY SHAMROCK florida yesterday
Crops are dying while domestic and wild animals cannot drink the salty water.
In terms of the broader salty snacks category, meat snacks still represent the largest segment (30% market share), and also the fastest growing,
Despite the competition, the outlook for salty snacks remains bright.
'The heat makes us sweat so much and salty lassi helps replenish the nutrients lost through perspiration,' he says.
In April, "Salty Sea Dog" will be shown at the international film festival in Cameroon.
Proceeds from their Salty Soul clothing and accessories line, which caters to beachgoers, Jeepers, and saltwater fishing enthusiasts, will go towards supplies and cleanup advertising costs.
Premier League Other results: Middlebeck 5 Erimus B 3; Red Lion 2 North Ormesby Tute 6; Salty C 4 Albion 4; Western Wonders 7 Boro Coronation 1; Erimus B 7 Albion 1; Coronation 3 Boro Coronation 5; Eston 4 Huntsman 4; Salty C 5 Tute 3.
The punk legend, who now sports a full head of grey hair, is making a r pBdn rare stage appearance to perform with the Cronin Brothers as a special guest during their set on Sunday night on the Salty Dog stage.
With strong and steady growth across its subcategories, salty snacks saw 29 percent sales growth from 2010 to 2015 to reach $10.2 billion, according to "Salty Snacks -- US," an April report from global market research firm Mintel.
The Winemakers' Selection by Sainsbury's Manzanilla (PS5.50, 75cl, Sainsbury's), right, is typical of this delicate style of sherry and its characteristically salty taste makes it the perfect match for seafood.
Snacks saw stronger growth, with salty snacks up 4.8 percent to $31,718; alternative snacks up 8.3 percent to $12,634; and packaged sweet snacks up 8.3 percent to $3,438.
So next time you bring out the salty almonds, anchovies and serrano ham, here are some super sherries to match them...
Washington, July 3 ( ANI ): Scientists have revealed that NASA's Cassini mission have provided firm evidence that ocean inside the Saturn's largest moon, Titan, might be extremely salty like Earth's Dead Sea.
There are four basic flavours in Thai cooking - hot, salty, sweet and There four basic sour - and you'll find them being sold on every corner of the bustling streets.