salt (something) down

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salt (something) down

To cover something in salt to dry it. I wouldn't drive on the roads until they've had a chance to salt them down—they're pretty slick at the moment! We salt down the freshest meat and let it dry cure for at least 72 hours.
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salt something down

to place salt on something, such as icy roads. I won't go out until midmorning, after they have salted the roads down. I hope they salt down the roads soon.
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salt down

To cover something completely in salt in order to preserve it, flavor it, or dry it: The cook salted the eggplant down for four days. Pioneers would salt down meat for the winter.
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References in classic literature ?
And north we travelled with it, ravaging and destroying, flinging the naked carcasses to the shark and salting down the skins so that they might later adorn the fair shoulders of the women of the cities.
In an effort to shame women who had failed to find husbands during the preceding year and to discipline their sexual desire until it could be legitimized by matrimony after lent, the plays depict the process of 'salting down' virgins who had been 'left behind' as a way to preserve them for future consumption by young males.
The Salting Down of Gertrude for Carnival (Der Gerdrawt einsalczen vasnachtt) preserves the opening two speeches of what must have been a somewhat longer Reihenspiel.
The final work of this type, A Salting Down for Carnival (Ain Einsalczen Vasnacht), also opens with a typical greeting to the innkeeper and his wife.
In The Salting Down of Gertrude, for example, the speaker chides the innkeeper for having failed to tame Gertrude's sexual cravings by feeding her 'like the little birds / that gape their beaks wide open and crave many things / that would not be right for the good girl to have' (ll 18-20).
In addition to our three plays calling for the salting down of Gertrude and her sisters, Nuremberg also witnessed pre-lenten performance practices in which women who had failed to find husbands (never eligible bachelors who had neglected to find wives) were hitched to a plow or harrow and driven through the streets like livestock by their erstwhile suitors turned tormentors.
The Salting Down of Gertrude for Carnival FIRST SPEAKER Good innkeeper, the reason I've come here (34) is because I have heard very strange news about a young girl by the name of Gertrude (35) who did not become a bride this year, and that you let her go her own way 5 and did not find her a husband who would have rolled around in bed with her.
it also includes locating, exposing and repairing breaks and leaks on existing water mains and services (16" dia, maximum), the repair and replacement of hydrants, valves, stop boxes, road gate boxes and other appurtenances, including excavation and backfilling, snow and ice removal, salting down areas and temporary restoration of the site.
Windschuttle argues that the first accusation of large-scale massacre was made "decades later by people who were not there at the time and, in most cases, were not even in the colony." As for the "salting down" of dead bodies for despatch to Sydney as mementos, the evidence likewise is frail.
When war interrupted the carriage of salt from France much of the West Country relied on Droitwich, as did Ireland for the salting down of herrings.