salt with

salt (something) with (something)

1. To season an item of food with some kind of salt or something in place of salt. They salt the meat with coarse sea salt, then grill it very quickly on each side. They say that Napoleon's chief surgeon salted horse meat with gunpowder to feed to the soldiers.
2. By extension, to make something more interesting, dynamic, or lively by the addition of something else. Why they felt the need to salt the original story with all these huge CGI action scenes is beyond me. You've packed a lot of great information into your presentation, but try to salt it with some humor or interesting anecdotes. It's just a bit dry as it is.
3. To make something appear more valuable by adding or applying something to it in a fraudulent or deceptive manner. Beware when buying a second-hand car. Some people will salt a lemon with a fresh coat of paint and try to charge you the cost of a newer, better car. They used to simply weigh the bags of produce without checking the contents first, until they realized that some of the workers were salting their bags with stones.
4. To apply a layer of random data to a password or pass phrase in order to further encrypt it. It turns out that the retailer wasn't salting its users' passwords with any kind of randomized data, which made them vulnerable to hackers. Because most people use simple, easy-to-crack passwords, our system salts those with elaborate data packets to make even the simplest password impossible to access.
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salt something with something

1. Lit. to put a variety of salt or a salt substitute onto some food. Oscar salts his food with a salt substitute. Did you salt your meat with salt or something else?
2. Fig. to put something into something as a lure. (Refers to putting a bit of gold dust into a mine in order to deceive someone into buying the mine.) The land agent salted the bank of the stream with a little gold dust hoping for a land rush to start. Someone salted the mine to fool the prospectors.
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"I know it, madame," replied the count; "but we are in France, and not in Arabia, and in France eternal friendships are as rare as the custom of dividing bread and salt with one another."
The Scottish Government is considering responses to a consultation on restricting the promotion and marketing of discretionary foods high in fat, sugar or salt with little or no nutritional benefit.
Vanilla bean sea salt-flaky finishing salt with a hint of sweetness.
Deaths have also resulted from attempted use of salt solutions as emetics, forced salt intake and accidental confusion of salt with sugar in child food.
However, the best salt for the health of the animal is special mineralized salt with trace minerals added.
Spread the salt you are using in the hole and then put the dirt back and mix the salt with the loose soil.
3> Your teacher has prepared five jars of salt with the same labels.
Seasoning salts--Smoked salts and blends of salt with spicesalso add flavor.
We compared the amount of salt with that found in ready-salted Walkers crisps - 0.5 grams per bag - and the results were shocking.
Ready to hightail it back to AC HQ when ChefVernon Morales dashes out of Salt with a bundle in his arms.
Provide regular table salt with the sea salt for comparison.
As may have been known, the type of salt consumed by the industrial sector is high-quality salt with a high NaCl content (over 95%).
cover the potatoes, caraway seeds, and one tablespoon of salt with water and bring to a boil.